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Found 1 result

  1. Hello fellow Espers! I've gone through and collected as much data as possible about changes that directly affect the Esper healing class. I compiled as much of it together as I could, and have provided it in a "kinda" guide below. Please feel free to offer feedback, suggestions, comments, etc. in the comments below! Esper Healing, Runesets, and General Changes Intensity and other major changes Soft-caps and you Runeset overview at a high-level Theoretical builds - "meta" Example AMP/LAS & stats Raid Encounter LAS setups Boost and Buff food options Change Log 1. Intensity and other major changes 2. Soft-caps and you 3. Runeset overview at a high-level 4. Theoretical builds - "meta" 5. Example AMP/LAS & stats 6. Raid Encounter LAS setups 7. Boost and Buff food options 8. Change Log