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  1. Been wrapped up playing Naval Action on steam with about half a dozen former and current Drow. We need a new MMO to smash stuff in lol
  2. Grats Wildstar Team.... Make Drow great again !
  3. Oh boy, Astrul is in here now too... the gangs almost complete lol. How ya been brother !
  4. Lol what's up Ewiv. I can tell I'm gonna like it here. As always love you too AC, miss that broke back mountain thing we had in FFXIV
  5. What's up everyone, to new friends and old. I see I'm not the only one Anticlergy bugged the crap out of until I signed up haha. But glad to be here. Been with Drow since 2008, Vanguard team. Over the years played on the Star Wars team, Rift team, and most recently Final Fantasy XIV team. Was an officer on the VG and FFXIV teams both under Thund. I have always been proud to be part of this great organization, its history, and its traditions of greatness. I was saddened to see closed down. There were always a number of unresolvable differences at the top brewing over the years. Something had to give. Enough of the past. I look forward to a new chapter, the next chapter of Drow with all of you. New friends and old. I see Nikantor signed up so at least I have someone to pick on AC with lol. Kater is still doing her doodles another plus for me Maelfus and Cel I think we did some FFXIV stuff together, happy to be here. Looking forward to new leadership. I can usually be found on steam at anytime if needed. Under the name Bromel, big org Drow logo as my profile pic. Here's to the future of the Organization... Lets make it a great one