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  1. Fitten = Gromm??? Been so long I just dont remember... Sorry for bumpin an old post
  2. wth u been up to Kainzo!
  3. Yeah its a blatant knock off of Overwatch but hey ! Looks good.
  4. crimins.6879 character is meah lyn
  5. should of played through the original game but decided to buy the expansion. so who is leader of the guild?!
  6. im guessing the expansion gives u the raids?
  7. anyone seen or heard bout this game?
  8. Yeah it would be cool to go back through the old EQ accomplishments we did... best one that i keep thinking of is the Avatar of War and Curled Toes post... damn now thinking bout it i better stop thats been 13 years if not more
  9. im in the old drow clan along with my wife and daughter. do we have a TS server?
  10. Anyone wanna join in on some casual pwnage !?
  11. bah im older then them ! lol ~,~
  12. welp figured some of it out ! got WoW installing now and was able to play on a lowbie rogue till its finished. since the battlenet launcher is tied with all the games i pretty much play, im hoping all the games wont have a problem ! just gotta wait to try out overwatch.
  13. yeah i saw it coming when daybreak bought out soe.
  14. I am having some trouble understanding how to mess around with Wine. Anyone have any info on a beginners guide of using Wine? I have checked their Ubuntu's forums and Wine. However for someone who just jumped in dick first without thinking ! I dont know wtf im doing haha