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  1. satansace.ff
  2. Add me turds, SatansAce.ff would love to legit these raid instances with some homies on PC
  3. nobody asked your studdering bubbling cockface anything ohh btw need the link to your forum sig again?
  4. i might be down, downloading now
  5. plays very nice, i even downloaded it on my galaxy phone and played just gathering really but it still worked well. First game like this that i have played that is as deep and multiplatformed and works so well.
  6. My bad, been away for a while, SatansAce, Agonyecstacy, DuxAgony those are my 3 toons, i have been in and out. I am trying to not burn myself out on this game like i normally do with beta's lol
  7. - me and a small crew are playing this game, beta for founders starts on Monday the 23rd. Anyone else checking this out and wanna group up? some key things about the game -full loot pvp -player housing -multi platform (PC, Tablet, Phone, etc) -extensive crafting, gathering, dungeon system It reminds me much of UO/Runescape/ with updated graphics and what not. So far it has been a lot of fun. -Agony
  8. Yea Buddy, overwatch < Pro Reaper .. get ya some add me Agony