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  1. Horde side best side.
  2. If you have an active WoW sub, you can create your character for classic right now. No actual playing of the game yet, but you can reserve up to 3 names.
  3. I'm down for Cirque. Never seen one of those shows, it should be fun.
  4. I'm in the "if I have time" camp. I've got a bunch of shit to do this week, then BFA starts on Monday, so I doubt I'll have the free time to sit down and play it, but if I do, I'll probably pick it up.
  5. I'm down for checking out Disneyland, just I have to check out of my room on Sunday, so I won't be able to come if this is too late in the day.
  6. You go on Steam, click "Add to Cart", then click "Checkout" I'll be out buying it when the servers go up, just gotta make sure we all end up on the same server.
  7. We're going Union, apparently, though server is still up in the air.
  8. Ah, yeah fair enough.
  9. If money's an issue, just be on mumble at the time. People can and will provide CC #s so they can eat the initial charge, it's how Maelfus bought the 4 tickets he managed today.
  10. Okay. Just got off the phone with Doctor Iosefka, and he is on the way for your blood ministration.
  11. Nope. I did get into the new God of War though, and that's a really good time. Doubly satisfying because it hasn't once tried to milk me for extra cash.
  12. Tyranny's a pretty good Isometric RPG, if you're looking for more of those, by the same folks that made Pillars of Eternity (which I assume is the PoE you mean there). It's a pretty good take on playing as the lieutenant of the Evil Overlord, and there's some real replayability to it.
  13. Doesn't mean you're not high on life!
  14. Hearthstone at the moment, with a side order of Vermintide 2 and whatever other thing happens to catch my eye at any given time.