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  1. Tyranny's a pretty good Isometric RPG, if you're looking for more of those, by the same folks that made Pillars of Eternity (which I assume is the PoE you mean there). It's a pretty good take on playing as the lieutenant of the Evil Overlord, and there's some real replayability to it.
  2. Doesn't mean you're not high on life!
  3. Hearthstone at the moment, with a side order of Vermintide 2 and whatever other thing happens to catch my eye at any given time.
  4. Being real, the secret to weight loss is just having the self control to manage your diet properly. Don't really need to exercise much at all. It's just unfortunate I have like no discipline
  5. My reservation ends on the 4th, so I'm probably leaving that evening, unless I end up crashing on the floor in someone's room for a night.
  6. Hot damn. Nice rig. It's very shiny.
  7. Man, Aussieland has some weird goddamn number convenions. ms means "megaseconds" down there, right? And I know Mbps has gotta mean "millibit per second"
  8. What, you've upgraded to 3 mb?
  9. Two ways. First, you can hop on mumble and yell at someone for a ginvite. Or in-game you can keep an eye out for Anti Clergy, Mister Kater/Missus Kater, or Mael'a Pathi and bitch at them for invites.
  10. I've watched a couple streams, but never played it myself. Poke at me when I'm bored and I'd probably buy it and play a few games with ya.
  11. Aussie internet is shit, news at 11. Though that really is pretty impressively bad. Suppose that's what you get for going full Australian.
  12. How do you show the damage meter overlay in-game? All I've managed so far is health numbers/bar.
  13. I'd do that, but a proper 4k monitor costs $900, so not gonna bother with 4k just yet.
  14. Yup. It's okay though. Anthem looks to be a better version of Destiny 2 in the first place.
  15. I just find it kinda hilarious that it's gonna be part of the Blizzard launcher thing. Was not expecting that.