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  1. Don't worry Reesi, I've been waiting for like 10 years or so now to join the cool kids club.
  2. Anyone pick this game up? Just curious if anyone else out there is playing this from Drow.
  3. Yea, Merry Christmas Drow!
  4. Still not sold on this game yet, but if I do end up playing it'll be the tank class. I always tank in MMOs.
  5. 1. What are you primarily interested in, within the SC universe? (Bounty hunting, trade, piracy, etc.) We picked out what we wanted to do with Shoklar's ran team. We had decided on security/piracy. I'm still pretty down for doing the same thing. Controlling an area of the game and conducting piracy in that area and offering security for people moving through the game via ships to protect them. Should be fun. 2. What items would you like to see included in our Charter? (A charter is a set of rules/guidelines the org and it's members adhere to) Need to come up with a set of rules and such around what we finally decide to do, so it's hard to write this out with our goal still up in the air 3. What items would you like to see included in our Manifesto? (A manifesto is a statement of intent from the Org, i.e. what we plan to focus on in the 'verse) Once we know what we're going on we can ofc do it to the max Drow style. 4. What would you like to see the Organization focus on, as a whole? We will obviously do a bit of everything, but what should our main focus be? Same as 1. Security/Piracy 5. What kind of requirements/criteria should potential recruits need to meet in order to join, in your opinion? Good activity in events we run, etc. Don't act like a 12 yr old. The normal stuff we don't tolerate on teams is fine here.
  6. Well their Drow is dead, and that is their problem. Ours is alive and kicking
  7. Hmm, didn't realize he had done that. Oh well his loss, I'll sign on up for our new group then.
  8. Guessing we haven't got ahold of Shok?
  9. Hey Jimcy man, good to see ya made it over here.
  10. God damn it internet, stop double posting shit!