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  1. Game looks solid. Its a shame I have to wait another month+ for the PC version.
  2. Pretty much.
  3. What is Pantheon’s Revenue Model? Will the game be pay to play, free to play, freemium or what? We are considering either using the traditional subscription based model or a model where the player buys the game and then has the option of purchasing mini-expansions or ‘modules’ after launch. Either way, the game’s world will continue to expand, more content will be added, as well as new features and mechanics. Visionary Realms strongly believes that the revenue model of an MMO needs to match the game’s target audience. Because of this, Pantheon will not be ‘freemium’ or have ‘cash shops’ -- building your character and advancing in-game will be based on time invested and tactics used, not on how much money the player has in real life. From the FAQ https://www.pantheonmmo.com/game/faqs/ Loric/Xal
  4. Really hoping this one doesn't fail. Haven't had a good raiding game in a while.
  5. If you didn't like Vanguard you probably won't like this.