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  1. I got back into doing raids here if anyone is interested. I am focusing on Wings 5 & 6 right now. Sundays @ 10pm CST. solaxo.7409 in game.
  2. I don't know any of you personally, but damn to go to Vegas for the hell of it, I would love to meet and have fun!
  3. Anyone still tinkering on here? I nabbed a ship with a lifetime sub on it a while back. Interested to check out 3.0. If anyone wants to try and do some stuff together one hour let me know!
  4. I am running a Saturday Night Raid 1/7/17 starting 4 hours after reset. (10pm CST for NA ref.) All are welcome, and I imagine we will pug, but I am starting with the easiest boss and the goal is to see at least 2 - 3 encounters. If interested hit me up at Solaxo.7409 ingame or on the forums here. Here is a quick look at the upcoming Heavy Legendary Armor: Also a good way to see raid specs:
  5. Anyone interested in doing a late night Saturday raid run here and there in GW2; make it a casual Drow raid? Work has been crazy lately, and a few weeks ago I dropped from the raid team that I had been running with since November. I still need about 40 insights left before I hit 150 and can complete that step of legendary armor. I know all the fights and would be down to help people learn them if interested. I also can pull from a raid guild I joined which acts like an extra lfg chat channel to get better quality pugs I can usually log on Saturdays 11:30pm CST and run until 2:30/3:00am CST. That is really the only time I have open for raiding for the foreseeable future atm. Casual Wow leveling takes my other free time, but without commitments! (So if you are alliance and need a bear tank for a quick dungeon hit me up @ solaxo#2267) Hit me up if you want to try it out! My Guild Wars 2 info is Solaxo.7409
  6. Grats guys, good to see new content coming your way!
  7. New raid wing coming tomorrow!
  8. If you like to build stuff! I am going to treat it like a high tech minecraft and finally get around to building something I drew up a few years ago for it lol. Just been waiting for launch so I have all the tools, and don't have to worry about wipes etc.
  9. Anyone going to be playing Landmark at launch now that EQ Next is dust?
  10. Playing this with some friends on the PS4 (Ducks for cover :P) It is a lot of fun for a shooter, and challenging at times! If anyone has a PS4 hit me up on Ending there.
  11. Raids are a blast in this game. I have experience on 4/6 so far if any want to raid sometime we should setup a Sunday night run or something.
  12. I have had a hard time getting into this game too. I made it to level 26 and just hit that wall of grind, and this is from a guy that loves GW2 I will probably slowly level it on the side until I get my $30 worth.
  13. Would it be possible to add an optional filter to only provide news for games that people want to see?
  14. I am running training raids now every Tuesday at 9:30pm EST. There are enough people that I run this with to field almost 2 groups, but we still have room in each group. (any role really because we have enough that can swap) Our first week was last week, and was a big wipe fest! But it is a nice way to see the fights in a laid back environment vs trying to pug! After a few weeks on VG; I am going to save a lock for Gors and move to that one to show the training raid the 2nd fight. If interested hit me up at solaxo.7409 and I will add you to my friends list and shoot you a raid invite!
  15. Hey All, Just picked up a copy this weekend, and enjoying the beta so far. I just plan to play this super casual since I'm neck deep in guild wars 2 (and loving it,) but wanted to see if any Drow were planning on picking this up. Seems like a benefit to have a guild in this game too.