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  1. Thanks!
  2. Anyone even check forums anymore? lol. Is there a good website for a summary on the xpac? Thanks! <3<3<3
  3. Nacho Daddy!
  4. Team Drow! It is time to plan our Vegas escape (to) plan! We are initially thinking March, possibly April for dates. If you have preference please post here. If there is a particular event please post here. Some ideas: cirque du soleil - any of the shows Michael Jackson ESPORTS Arena at the Luxor (a lot of fun and we can our own room) Shooting Range (Fully Automatic weapons as well) Awesome Food Awesome Friends Post below if interested so I can start getting head count for rooms! Cheers, Tile
  5. Food porn to start soon!
  6. I just remember owning the market on Crusader enchants as for classic....oh god, the pain
  7. Kaizer, we are doing Drow Vegas 4.0 from 3-7 April !!!!!!
  8. Hi Everyone! Blizzcon has finally beem announced for 2-3 Nov 2018. We'll use this thread for planning purposes. Please post if you are going, if you need a room, a ticket, and what day you plan on leaving (4 or 5 Nov). Thanks all! See link below for ticket, room, and who you owe $$ to: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PbS1SpsWTenv1L7awGxu6q9X42opvyGX-r6rKjcdr8s/edit?usp=sharing Going Tilestiv Loreyna Kater Reesi Lisa Meca Aggy Cel Maelfus Calli Smite Zaein Knae (Tile/Lore brother) Drastic
  9. Blizzcon is soon, so please check the link and update arrival/departure information. I need to know who is coming in Wed. I have two rooms at spring hill suites for just wed night. I need to know if i need both or not.
  10. Congrats guys!!!!
  11. Lisa, I am working more room options, and I have not given up on finding a way to keep those rooms. Bottom line is it may be tight, but I do not foresee the room situation to be super cramped (i.e. someone on the floor). Tile
  12. Hi All, Looks like my military friend is backing out of Blizzcon. This means two things: 1 - Unless we can find another US government employee (to include civil service) we will lose two rooms. Now, we can get tight and close with the rooms we have or 2 - Find other options - Kater found Desert Palms Hotel & Suites Anaheim Resort is 200 a night. Aggy offered the floor in his room since he has one bed. All my rooms do have rollaways, so that's potentially 5 people per room. Post thoughts here.
  13. How many people are planning on arriving 31 Oct (Wed?) I currently have two rooms at the SpringHill Suites for one night, then move to Marriott at convention Center. Need to know to determine if I keep one or both (one is a suite with bunk beds...says kids bunk beds, but should be fine!)
  14. I think there will be about 5 folks. Although I am still not sure how to actually buy it...
  15. For all those who now have "tickets" please contact the person you are getting it from to work payment, ticket transfer, and what info you want displayed on them. Congrats to everyone! #DrowBlizzcon2018
  16. Hi all! If you are trying to get a ticket, please be online for the saturday sales. We still need 11 tickets and need as much help as possible. Ask your friends!! Thanks! Tile
  17. I'll be online tonight for sales from Germany (4am here). I added Lore's/My other brother to the list as well.
  18. Just the time it takes to run 1.5 miles. You can use an app, your watch, whatever makes it easier. I trust everyone!
  19. Hello Drow! Here is the anticipated Drow Challenge information. If you have any questions feel free to ask. In order to get as many people interested as possible, there are several categories available to win. There will be a $20 buy in to participate. Winners in each category will split the total amount of money collected. This is an honor based system, so please respect each other and post accurate information. Categories: Weight loss Cardio improvement (1.5 mile run) Strength improvement (pushups) We are going to use % based loss/gains to determine winners in each category. This is to keep it as fair as possible to each person. For example. If I weigh 180lbs and my end weight is 160lbs, then I weigh 88.89% of my original weight, so my % lost is 11.11%. Same principle applies to strength (bench press) and cardio (1.5 mile run). Please vote above if you want data to be public or private. If there is one person who wants data to be private, then everyone’s will be. Only Drow Core will see the data if it is private to ensure no favorites are perceived. We want to make this a fun competition that also is a healthy benefit. The event will start on 1 May. If you sign up, I need you to send me your starting stats on 1 May, and paypal me the money by 1 May (aretzdt@gmail.com). The event will end on July 31st. Winners will be announced that following week. If you want to participate, but have concerns about this friendly competition please let me know before the start date so we can work through them. Thanks all and goodluck! Cheers, Tile
  20. Thanks for the interest everyone. Please send me your data and we'll get it up in thread Cel will create!
  21. Well, if it makes your conscience feel better, you can compete in the other two categories. Personally, I don't mind if you compete in all three still.
  22. This