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  1. I'm not trying to single anyone out, those are just the overall issues going on right now. There are a lot of factors going on that make forming a team in this game a fucking nightmare. Certainly I came off as a dickhead I'm sure, but I like everyone currently playing FF14, even that kiwi fuck Ufa. There is actually no one I've run into in all of Drow that I actively want to avoid to be honest. In the end it's just a game after all, the people are the important part. I wish the raid size was bigger and allowed more wiggle room for class duplicates, that would help a lot in and of itself. The class balance this x-pack seems pretty good, but there are GLARING outsiders to that as well and thats not helping. I've been discussing rolling an alt, like as in a completely new character and all the main story quest bullshit that comes with it, just to raid again with others I enjoy playing with and keep the loot availability for them too. I'm thinking of doing a bard, but we'll see. Obviously that would be an off-night thing but that's really all I can personally offer to help fix some of whats going on.
  2. There's nothing stopping people from pugging or making their own static if they don't like the setup. The RDM we recruited specifically rolled RDM because we asked him to, to fill a spot in our 4 man group when we had 2 groups going. The other group had at least 7 people and fell apart in one week, that's not on me. I had 4 people in one group counting on me to fill the other 4 spots permanently asap. I'm not going to just dismiss him because everyone else decided to change roles and not raid together. Rhuka also did us a huge favor and server transferred to fill another one of the spots to get the second group going. He sold his house and had to work miracles to transfer his money and shit over just to join us. The raid size is 8 people and based on dps, gear, buffs, debuffs, and current skill level in FF14 I put the best 8 man together I could for this week and beyond. The new guys deserve their shot for doing us a solid. I'd love to put everyone into one group, but the reality is I can't. The loot system, role requirements, dps checks, and heavy personal raid responsibility also make it exceedingly difficult to go back and carry 4 people on the easier bosses for 1 chest. That was proven over the past few nights where we wiped over and over and over and over with no measurable progression on O2S. So yes, some people are currently out of the main group. Before Stormblood half the people playing currently weren't even going to play FF14. The raid team was pretty much set and then everyone comes over from RO and the raid roster is overfull and I now have to try to set everyone up into 2 groups. That worked out like total dog shit and sucked for both groups. I can't make everyone happy, that's pretty clear now. I gave you guys an almost full raid group of people that have raided together for ages to try to accommodate everyone. You only had to pug one slot. After 1 week the group imploded, no one wanted to play with each other, and everyone is swapping roles and shit. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with that. If Ufa decides he wants to tank tomorrow there's no spot in the group for him either. It the same for everyone, in every role. It was a mess for us week one as well. I put myself in the group I considered to have the shit end of the stick. The difference is we figured it out as a group and made shit happen. We pugged 4 people, started 3 hours late on night 1, missed a raid night, and still cleared 2 bosses. Lat, Ufa and Myself have raided together in FF14 since we started playing and I don't have any interest in breaking that up. We work well together and enjoy raiding with each other. We don't find it enjoyable to go back and wipe 60 times at 65% 2-3 nights in a row on a boss we cleared in <20 pulls with 4 pugs who didn't even join mumble. Why would we add that to our regular raid night? I've noticed people seem to feel entitled to being in the group while they're doing shit dps or fucking up the same mechanics over and over. That's not the raid team I wanted to make here. You can't kill bosses in this game like that. It is what it is. People need to sort their shit out. The raid isn't large enough to drag people through and you can't over gear it while its current content, period. Its 8 people all pulling their weight or you all die. From what I've seen not everyone is able to do that at this time and at least 4 of us want to progress at a faster rate. Like I said, you guys are welcome to start your own raid team if you don't like how this one is run. I'm sure there are more than enough people I'm excluding from the group and shunning to whip up something spectacular. Here's a list of everyone I'm now expected to fit into into one 8 man group, pick 8 that have any shot whatsoever of clearing O4S by Thursday. Also include everyone, and line up 4/4 splits for everyone to get at least 1 chest after the main clear. Now leave time for progression and make the 4/4 splits actually capable of killing any of the bosses at all. Pick buffs and classes that compliment each other and people whose gear drops don't overlap. Separate the people that don't want to raid together, but again, include everyone. Keep in mind any one of these people can change their class and role at any time and you're expected to cater to that. Last magically turn all 14 of these people into happy raiders all on the same page. 1. Nav (Pld/Rdm) 2. Nano (Tanks) 3. Lat (Tanks) 4. Metal (Tanks) 5. Ufa (Sam) 6. Mali (Drg) 7. Grizz (Brd) 8. Fakes (Heals/Rdm) 9. Fuhma (Smn) 10. Rhuka (Nin) 11. Shy (Rdm) 12. Orestes (Drg) 13. Poon (Whm) 14. Alia (Healers)
  3. In light of the shit show that was this weeks raids and in the best interest of getting some shit done, we're going in with the current 8 strongest players with the buffs, debuffs and utility we need. I've spoken at length with multiple people on the best way to approach this. I apologize if peoples feelings get hurt or people are disappointed, it's nothing personal, I like you all. After progression there are some of us willing to go back and attempt to re-clear for others, and some that are not. That's their personal decision, it is what it is. Currently a lot of people's DPS is too low to be carried as a 4 man on anything past V1, but there's no reason we can't go in and learn the fight while people work on gear and rotations. If people are willing, we may be able to rotate 1 or 2 people in at a time to get pages without a chest. That being said I believe our best shot at clearing Ov3S and beyond is: Tanks: Lat(Pld) and Myself(War/Drk) DPS: Ufa(Sam), Grizz(Bard), Rhuka(Nin) and Fakes(Rdm) Heals: Alia(Ast) and Poon(Whm) Again I apologize to those not in this weeks "main" group. The raid sizes in the game are what they are and by nature you need to do X amount of damage or nothing dies. This is the temporary solution I've come up with until we can either recruit more for a second group, or people improve their dps and can rotate in. The rest of you are free to form a group, pug, wait for 1 chest clears, do whatever you want obviously. We recruited Shayvana for the RDM slot, but hes currently not 70 nor do we know where he's at DPS wise. He'll most likely be in that slot the following week as that's what he was recruited for. Depending on availability Fakes may slide into the heal slot, but for sure we need someone who can consistently make all 3 nights for the second healer slot.
  4. Baelix come raid with us. We have cookies.
  5. Group 1 - Grizz, Fuhma, Nav, Mali, Nano, Poon, and Fakes if he can make it. Group 2 - Myself, Lat, Ufa and Alia We can fight over you gets to resurrect Ore if he wants in/is geared for it. I think this is the best possible split leaving some experienced FF14 raiders in both groups, with the second group having more experience, but also having to pug half the group. This way everyone gets to raid on the classes they want to raid on, no one has to sit etc. I'm working on recruiting more people to get 2 FULL groups going and raiding at the same time. With 16-18 people we'll be able to mix and match and create 2 cohesive groups that work well together with minimal sitting, if any at all. If anyone has anything to add, or any ideas, or think the groups could be split more effectively post it here. -Metal
  6. A10S down! Next up, this tiers progression wall The Heart of the Creator A11 Savage.
  7. Here's the next one.... I think this might take awhile to get down.
  8. Killed it on farm again tonight, here's the screenshot! Full raid group kill this time!
  9. Need a White Mage still Baelix! Happen to know anyone who leveled one?
  10. Going after this boss either tonight or tomorrow night, depending if we need to farm Sophia for more weapons or not!
  11. FF14 has too many buttons.
  12. Drow Downs Sophia Extreme! Sorry no boss screenshot, maybe on the next one.
  13. Been awhile so I figured I'd update everyone. Currently we have recruited a grand total of ZERO people. I've been spamming in town about once an hour for 2 weeks, I'll get a few replies asking how far we're progressed and then when I answer they stop responding. I've personally whispered about 50 people level 50-60 that were guildless in town and have yet to have even one reply, even negatively, to any of my whispers. I check the forum recruitment post a few times a day but the replies have all been AC bumping the thread (ty btw) even though it has nearly 100 views. I've started replying to the people posting that they're looking for a guild but nothing has come out of that yet either. I wanted to try to form a small tight knit raid team kind of guild but it's been really tough getting that started. I'd rather NOT resort to recruiting 100's of noobs and hoping to get a small handful raiders out of them months down the line but that may be the only way this gets off the ground. TL:DR We're trying but not getting anywhere, so far.