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  1. Can we add Dr. Wong as second tier ticket wanter.
  2. I'm apparently healing. so woo.
  3. I dibs front row. Oh where's spellblades kill pic?
  4. I'll be around to help when I can. As far as my schedule goes, with WoW I raid Tuesday to Thursday. But I am normally free until 10 pm EST most days. Friday/Saturday I commit to DnD at night. I'll definitely come and help.
  5. Summoner/Scholar AS1-AS3 Experience With a few pulls on AS4. Ye ye
  6. I'd like to thank Azzo because without him this kill wouldn't have been possible!
  7. I killed this with an 80 pound dog on my lap. Licking my face. Do I get an award?
  8. WoW Druid for life.
  9. Kater and Rue are thinking of going to a different server so we can play the game.
  10. lol Kitchenwench And we picked the worst server for those that didn't get premium. Don't think I'll be playing this long if the ques will be this retarded.
  12. Warning BAD SINGING: