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  1. How's the game? Wondering if I should give it a try.
  2. Let me know if you try it out. I'll group with ya.
  3. Just curious to see if anyone else plays Battlerite or wants to try it out.
  4. Have you gotten a story potion thing? I saw you got the lvl potion for Black Mage. If you got the story potion thing all you have to do is start the Stormblood story and level to 70. Then you do instances and stuff to gear up for raids. That's the short of it. If you have any other questions just ask.
  5. I am starting this thread to try and step up for a 3rd group. A majority of those not in one of two current groups will miss out on potential gear and upgrade items which ultimately will cause those players to progress at a much slower pace. They will be less equipped to help other guild mates out in this content if the need should arise. Ore, if u or anyone else is interested in that then let me know. Pull me to the side in mumble and I'm more than happy to discuss it. As far as raid times are concerned. I won't have anything definite to say until I know who I have to work with.
  6. I just wanted to see where people are in terms of a group and hopefully to help more guildmates get gear. I know we won't have a full group but we'll have enough to at least get us one chest per week which is going to help us continue through the content much easier. Please reply to the post and let me know if you're not part of Metal's static so we can start something and get each other loot.
  7. This game is very unforgiving especially when in progression fights. I understand that my SMN is not the strongest class right now because of SE. They rebuilt it in a very strange way and don't seem to realize it's current impact on teams. So I am leveling BLM and will learn the rotation to better help anyone I join in the guild to do content with. On top of that, I still die a bunch on the current Savage runs but I'm doing my best to commit those mistakes into memory to get better. If I'm not chosen in the "main group" that's fine with me. For the simple fact that if I'm a burden on those performing mechanics well and just enough damage to take the boss down, I don't want to hold them back. They don't have enough gear that will enable them to do enough damage to give a buffer for 1 or 2 deaths during a savage run. They are doing this not to single people out for being poor or to be first for some reason. It's to be able to make their characters strong enough to help others through the content more effectively. Not everyone learns at the same rate nor do they have the same level of skill. That is not a slight to any person here. They are looking at things in the most objective way possible to help everyone. Metal showed this in his last paragraph before the list he posted. Those are most likely some of the things he and others were keeping in mind to try and help everyone as best we can currently. When he mentioned you can pug 4 spots it wasn't a "fuck you" go fend for yourself. It was more of a "you don't have to wait for us". We can still gain experience with the fights without them. Once I finish my BLM I should do better dps to help with another group that I'm in. Nobody here has said nor implied that he or she isn't worth playing this game alongside. If that was something was felt, we have to look inward and be honest with ourselves as to the reason why we're feeling the way we feel. I honestly felt bad at first but after I spoke with Grizz and the other guys I realized what I had to do to help not only myself but the rest of the guild with my character. So I'd like to ask everyone, what would you do in his shoes to help everyone out and what would you do now with your own character to help everyone out in the best way possible.
  8. Just transferred to the server. If anyone wants help leveling any class especially crafting let me know. I'll be online a lot leveling classes to prepare for the expansion. The new way to level is more efficient and fun than the leves or fate grinding I was used to.
  9. I'm interested in trying this out. Anything I should know before I make an account?