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  1. I am in need of another Ticket. As per Discord. Riddz or Tile i need to see if i can get one from one of you. Let me know.
  2. I have gone through some real rough shit medically recently that i did not know if i was going to make it out of. This week i was given a clean bill of health so im super ecstatic. I dont do the super soft mushy things well. but i wanted to say that i love you all. not only the team i had interactions with. But all Drow teams. i am genuinely proud to be a part of a organization Of multiple teams rocking all ends of the gaming spectrum. WildStar Team, keel killing it friends. I only played for a short time with you back in the day at the start of Wildstar. But im Proud that you have come so far, Warcraft Team, I dont need to say much here. This team has gone through some of the hardest times and came back from the deal. Keep killing Dragons friends! Old School Drow Vets, I have played with some of you. And only know of others by name and few posts. But i am proud to have you as a part of this Organization even if you dont play any gmaes any more but you are the building blocks of Drow. Im hoping i cane one day be talked about like the old school vets of Drow. Again im not good at Mushy things so ill end here. Go fucking kill all the things and make be even more Proud! <3 you all. Sincerely Worlds Greatest Dragon Slayer.
  3. I have an unused EVGA gtx 780 sc 2.0 atc cooler. i have been trying to sell it on locally on chraigslist but have not had much luck. hit me up here if you are interested.
  4. stop downloading moose porn
  6. MmrSmite#1908 ill carry you with reaper. hit me up