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  1. No hookers for me. I'm down to get some for others though.......:P
  2. I'd rather go to a Trump rally.
  3. I'll be in Vegas. Getting my own room though.
  4. Awesome!
  5. I plan to Nano. In theory.
  6. I may or may not play man. But, even if I do, I believe you are more than capable to stay GM man. <3
  7. I have an account and bought the founders pack as well. As far as I know, I still have a spare key. But, with Bless coming out, I will probably play that more than Dauntless. I have not really played since closed Beta.
  8. From what I've read, and I could be wrong, there is only gonna be one NA server with multiple channels.
  9. That's hardcore man.
  10. Nano, those are fucking great.
  11. I'm proud of you. Brought, some nerd tears to my eyes brother. And, provocative keyboard pics are always welcomed.
  12. I did a while ago Pins. Replayed it for shits and giggles.
  13. Also, +1 to the new God of War. It's fucking amazing.
  14. To be fair, it's hard for everyone to be as awesome as I am.
  15. I disagree. You're the coolest. And, grats Tile!!
  16. I don't do drugs.
  17. Ufa's gonna come DPS in the new WoW xpack and Baelix is gonna heal I heard.
  18. Are the Wildstar servers still up? SWTOR and WoW mostly too btw.
  19. lol
  20. I googled some lol. But, they look kinda goofy tbh. Oh, and for the Leap, I have had that too lol. It's super nice, but the seat gets crazy hard after extended use. Kinda of like the Aeron which holds you in one position. I find both to be torture devices to be quite honest. My Gesture ended up running me over $1500. I found that it was worth it and better than the Leap V2. But again, this is all subjective. But, one thing I do know, is that the Herman Miller chairs, while great works of art, hurt my body like no other lol.
  21. I owned a Herman Miller Embody and well as an Aeron. Steelcase is Herman Millers direct competition when it comes to high end ergonomic chairs. They have the same warranty as Herman Miller does as well as return policy for this reason. The only other company that offers that policy would be Haworth but their chairs are not quite as nice. In fact, I have an Embody in my closet right now I am returning. Not that it is not a good chair, but it is nowhere close to what Steelcase makes. As for your Chair Ufa, I have looked at it. As far as mesh chairs are concerned, it is quite nice. I am very skeptical about its warranty, but overall it's a decent chair. But again, you will not find any ergonomic chairs on par with Herman Miller or Steelcase. For me, Herman Miller chairs are just not comfortable. But, comfort is subjective.