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  1. Very nerdy. I approve.
  2. Looks quite good man.
  3. Sounds sexy.
  4. In my opinion, DRK doesn't reach its full potential until 70. As far as fun goes. Again, this is my opinion.
  5. Will be stoked to play with you.
  6. Pretty much this. I have pulled a few of you aside, mainly You, Nano, and even Nav to try and get someone to step up and start the group. I have offered, just like Maelfus did, to help recruit people for you all as well. It's just really hard for us to help if there is nobody who is gonna take the lead in getting people going. But, with this thread, it seems like you are willing to step up Fuhma. Let us know what we can do to help man.
  7. Nav, I can say with confidence, that as a person, nobody dislikes you or your wife. Period. You and Mali are awesome and we all love you. Gameplay issues can be worked out. Thinking people don't like you and don't wanna play with you is kind of goofy though.
  8. Gross.
  9. They live. I think Metal needs heals. I heard there was a white mage not playing mmo's that might be available.
  10. You can apply to the guild in the looking for guild menu. Just search for our guild name and apply. At some point, one of us will get you in. Worse case, you can add me. My toons name is Anti Clergy.
  11. @Ufalicious I'm using the one Maelfus linked. I set it up the other day. It seems to work well enough. And, I will totally do the 32 bit one.
  12. Mine shows in full screen. I can get you the links and shit to set it up Aggy.
  13. I'm doing it now.
  14. Just saying hello Storm. And, thanks for the heads up brother.