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  1. After TSW and AoC, I'm not touching anything Funcom does unless theres exceptional reviews. This was yet another abortion.
  2. Teras F2P is extreme grind/pay2win at endgame, unfortunately. The leveling experience is great though. GW2 is B2P, and that model works great when not just a cynical cashin as anet proves. Archeage has been a cynical cashin F2P since its western launch, it was only decent in prelaunch. Wildstar I don't know about since I quit before F2P and had no interest in returning, but I've heard its decent. Too bad they fired (nearly) the whole dev team, though. A lot of them were decent dudes. Maybe this one will buck the trend. I'm not holding my breath.
  3. Fucking F2P. Fuck off with that shit, you greedy whore developers.
  4. Yeah, fuck this freemium MMO shit. Every single one has been a dumpster fire of nag screens/annoying korean grinds or worse.
  5. As long as they don't Vanguard their launch this time, their odds are much better of doing okay.
  6. Sounds like it has a lot of neat features. I don't really enjoy PvP focused MMOs, though.
  7. Old man Jimcy finally hobbled his ass over eh? <3
  8. Does this mean his paranoia-vault is opening?
  9. Hey, Smites grammar and spelling have massively improved since he first joined the guild! It's like our little Smiteykins is growing up right before our eyes.
  10. Cel is only good at the number 2s.
  11. Shit, time to hide again.
  12. Touch my peepee.
  13. Eh, heroes of the storm is fairly short games and still was "this just isnt fun" for me. Not to mention I prefer my turn based strategy longer. ;p
  14. Ive tried like 3 mobas and had negative fun with all of them, so I'd say its more that specific genre isnt for me.
  15. I dont mind the art style, but the gameplay is just not evolving. They add one or two gimmicks and act like its a gamechanger, its just boring. The genre desperately needs something mold breaking.