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  1. Is that barka with the 2.5M gold mount?
  2. Can you make him do random shitposts.
  3. Yeah that's not that bad really; pretty reasonable tbh. I was expecting some super racist shit.
  4. So are these like legendary weapons? There's so much text on them they look like the old Diablo 2 runewords.
  5. So I'm not gonna say I called it. But I totally called it.
  6. the one at the rosewill booth. full tower with the clear side panel
  7. stop being a fucking casul smite btw I bought that awesome case we saw at blizzcon
  8. Your resistance only makes my penis harder.
  9. The secret to killing this boss is standing still.
  10. Have you seen game of thrones? It was kind of like that.