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  1. I'm on Atiesh alliance and I know Smack had a character on here too. I'm down to transfer somewhere if we actually make a guild to do stuff.
  2. Count me in and of course iam down for just about everything.
  3. Hmm I didn't even think of Thursday I suppose that could work too. Honestly I wouldn't mind going Friday or Saturday night either or whenever seems good for most I just assumed most would want to be at the convention during the day and would be tired of walking around by night. As for Agi I am sure you could crash in one of our rooms if it was to happen Sunday night. I suppose we would have to see how the rooming situation is going to be like though since right now it may be a bit cramped with the loss of Tile's army friend.
  4. That's a bummer. I prefer having an actual bed but I'm no stranger to floors or crappy rollout beds lol. Overall I don't mind being crunched into a room or finding another option close as long as we don't have to uber everywhere. PS: Anyone down for like a Sunday Disney adventure? On the spot "hey you want to pay a couple hundred to go?" has proven to result in maniacal laughing so figured I'd ask now to plan ahead.
  5. Would it be easier to use some app to track the cardio?
  6. You had me at cash prizes