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  1. Kaizers where tf you been??
  2. You turds will never be rid of me!
  3. everything? inc hookers
  4. yes. and cirque. I needs it.
  5. Too busy playing Slay the Spire. :>
  6. I prefer non-snoring people so I can get sleep otherwise I am an angry person?
  7. blizzcooooonnnnnn
  8. I should be able to buy 4 now, so long as I go to the bank tomorrow. Lol increase in hours and tips.
  9. See above posts. I am AT work.
  10. I believe the maximum I can do is 3, but I'd need reimbursement almost immediately if I get through.
  11. I'm going to try. I'm at work during both sale times, but I should be able to take some time to at least attempt the queue.
  12. So... give you weight, how many pushups and... what data for cardio?
  13. Pins, I'll buy in for you. but then I'd have to beat you.
  14. Y'all need to step up.
  15. Alright y'all, I'm in.
  16. This is the Drow history part 3 all over again I can't take another saga.
  17. ALAS I am still not cool enough Grats Tile :>
  18. Man, how many of us here are actually high on life?
  19. I like sugar.
  20. I am gooinnnnggggg probably. Also I will need to share a room, which is prolly with Kater and Rue (per other thread)
  21. Shooting aliens in the face, basically.
  22. GOOD. DELL IS NOT SITTING IN COCO'S LAP. As it should be. /jealousbear
  23. Amazing combat... unforgiving, grindy gear upgrade. Sounds suspiciously like TERA's failures with bringing a KMMO over to the western world.