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  1. i joined a static group, and can find people that way if dont want to recruit for the FC. The static only goes tues/thurs and this week we may clear o2s, late start for some so if want to do o3s this weekend i'm down. What i've noticed is FC aka guilds are kind of a joke for people in this game which i've never experienced in an MMO.
  2. So many things wrong with that post. I understand the people that have been here and playing with who you want and set up a group to succeed, but your the "leader" of the FFXIV Drow team. There's no hey, next week we will replace this person with x and have you sit this week or anything like that. No "we will get you in on this boss this week" or any future plans on what to do. Its basically go fuck yourself and pug it, I don't want to deal with it. There's no one entitled to be in the "main" group, but to basically tell everyone else sorry didn't make the cut, go figure it out yourself and officers dont care is wrong and given up on getting a 2nd group being formed/recruited. And its cause last week's group wasn't up to your standards. And to making own raid team thing, that is why i said "go fuck yourself" comment up above. You expect non-officers to go and form up raid groups to do content. To recruit and get a raid group formed. Hell, my rank is the fucken bottom and not even "raider" rank because of a joke. I personally don't expect to get a spot in the main group, I am late to the leveling party and although have busted my ass to get gear and get better at the game so can help out when needed but this shows don't expect help. I did expect to play with people and do content and even if its not clear in 10 pulls, its still doing content with guild and getting better as a guild overall. But thats just me. There's only 4 people from RO team that came here because Nano has been in FFXIV playing with you and only 1 RO member is playing in the Main group. And as I recall, you guys still had trouble filling 8 spots in heavensward. And even than, asked, when you going to play FFXIV?
  3. Whos left without and have to pug or form own group?
  4. Pfft, Grizz probably going to die more than me
  5. fyi, the closed beta isnt til towards end of october. My guess it will be for a couple months than open beta will start in december-january if there are no setbacks on the game. When open beta does happen, characters will be wiped. Now, this is my guess, but when Open Beta happens, and the "release" happens they will not wipe characters. And if you look at the founder's pack, it does say have head start on Open Beta. In China, they did not do a wipe and why you keep seeing stuff that China is in Open Beta because they never wiped. So my goals is to get into closed beta, test it out, enjoy the game, get more members so when Open Beta does hit, we have a good foundation to go on. I'm not racing to max level, I'm going to enjoy the game. I am going to race to get my toon to be the most powerful it can be and help others get there too. A powerful level 49 will beat a level 59 that raced and didn't level up their skills and gear. Oh, and bole glad to see you back, even though on same team, we can pvp and I'll once again keep beating you
  6. Good, miss ya bole!
  7. What mali said, strongly suggest not waiting. I think this game will have a good hold on PVE side, because not many other games have what this game brings. If looking at the MMO genre in particular, only 2 game that is somewhat popular has pve and thats WoW and FFXIV. WoW is well, wow, but FFXIV has alot of casuals. But when open beta happens, try out the game. I'll be in closed beta establishing a hold and recruiting while testing the game and get a foothold when Open beta starts. They are more than likely going to do what China did was wipe characters after closed beta, but Open Beta -> release there will be no wipe. And I know you like to do other things than raiding in the game and this game has so so much more than raiding. But honestly, get the deluxe pack founders, cat mount = win!
  8. look down in the revelation forums, gives info on some of the classes and content. But that only skims it with evertything that can be done.
  9. If you like the DK tank in wow you'll like this tank.
  10. Yeah, glad to have you, idk, weird seeing you not a healer haha. There's really only 2 classes that can go split, and even than, they are mainly dps. Blademaster with OT adds and sometimes dungeons and the Occulist that is not really brought for heals though can. Summoner class is hands above in healing compared but their damage isnt as good though from understanding, they have good burst. They are weird mechanic though that more damage you do, the stronger a heal can go off and vice versa.
  11. is it using 100% of every core or just one core? Heard the game is awesome, and actually more difficult because the rate of fire on the weapons is slower so have to time your shots better.
  12. I would like to put in proposal to create and to lead a Revelation Online team for the Drow organization. This game is looking better and better by day to be an MMO that will last and won't have a massive revolt of people leave in a year. The game is doing very well in China and when released here, I see it doing very well too. My vision for this guild is to have a fun place for people to join and succeed in whatever they want to pursue in the game. From casual members (with respective friendship of someone in Drow), to dedicated raiders, to pvp members. The guild in this game are very important to the game. It is very beneficial to be in a guild as a member and also for the guild to have a respective amount of members. Now, the size of the guild is up in the air because as you get more members in the guild, your guild levels up and are able to do better missions and craft more stuff and advance as a guild. Like I said, it is up in the air on how beneficial a large vs small guild is. As of now, wanting to have a serious raid team to accomplish and down the hard content. I like to use the term hardcore casual or semi-hardcore. A team that will raid at least 3 days, at most 4. The information out are there are some dungeons that are considered raids because they are 10man and a big 20 man with more to come. It helps alot that raids are not just the only way to progress, why more than likely will stay with a 3 day schedule. Now to progress in the game need to do more than just raid, so raidlogging is going to be hard to do, at least until your max level. And no one is even max level yet in China. Now for pvp aspect of the game, there may or may not be a section of the guild created for pvpers. The reason for this is it's to early to tell how important pvp is in the game. Does it help, yes, especially if other guilds declare war on us and if they do, we won't get ganked and make an unenjoyable experience. I don't want that. So the pvp aspect of the guild is up in the air. The focus of the game is to just do content and progress your character and enjoy the game and being in an MMO. Guild missions, crafting, dungeon runs, pvp, jump puzzles, small group fun games. Having guild events to do this (game does help set them up) will need to be done. It's a daunting task, will try to see who is really interested in this game in the coming weeks and get an officer core for this game to assist. I know some are interested in a casual aspect and a few that want to make this their raiding game. Will know more when CBT comes in October, but want to get the ball rolling and get advertisement for guild out to the respective forums. A problem I do see is the f2p stigma that is presented and the p2w aspect. From what little they have released, it won't be that bad of p2w and more of pay 2 advance, such as extra experience. But the developer so far has shown that it is flexible and listens. Also the community is very nice so far and those that try to cause issues with p2w aspect aren't really listened to. We will see.
  13. Yeah, more than likely will reset after beta, dont see why they wouldnt.
  14. Yes, and thats a good thing. I think that's why MMO's fail now adays, they don't have not enough content when released and not enough steady content released in a timely manner.
  15. https://ro.my.com/en/news/announcements/founder-packs-now-available Founder pack mentioned (See below for the Packages) 17.99 Explorer Pack - Month premier status, Head Start, Revelation Exlorer title, Imperial Livery Outfit, Beta Access $59.99 Founder Back - 2 months of premium status, Revelation Founder title, head start, Imperial Livery Outfit, Beta Access, 60 days scroll of Exploration , 60 days Scroll of Wisdom, 60 days Scroll of Combat Starter pack, Golden War Horse, Seraphim Wings $89.99 Deluxe Pack (Best pack imo) - 3 month premier status, Head start, early access, 2 Uniqe Founder titles, Imperial Livery outfit, 90 days Scroll of Exploration, 90 days Scroll of Wisdom, 90 days Scroll of Combat, Start Pack, Golden War Horse, Seraphim Wings, Blackthorn Outfit, Exculsive Flying Cat Mount (flying mount for up to 5 people). The last 2 are more than likely a one time thing. The reason the Deluxe pack is so good, are the 90 days is around 25 bucks for all those extra. Apparenlty premium status going to be around 12-15, the scrolls will be 3-5. At max, thats 30 bucks in items and getting the cat mounts free of charge. Who doesn't want that cat mount. Also, no one in China is max level yet. They are just pushing past 70, think the max person atm is lvl 75, so the the scrolls will really help. The leveling experience is going to throw some people off because it's not about racing to max level, its about getting gear and bettering your skills to push the next tier of levels. I'm curious of the scrolls because if I have to have a scroll of combat to have 2 specs vs buying extra specs or if will have 2 outright like China. Means I can have 3+ specs? Thats good for some classes, especially tanks. Have a Magic tank build, a physical tank build and a dps build. My blader will have a tank build, a dps build, single target dps build, Multitarget dps build, pvp build, additional pvp build for tanking/cc. haha 5 builds! The russian founder pack are similar, but they have alot of extra little things as ours is all rolled up into scrolls. They are probably going to nickle and dime them, but my understanding, used to that and they want that. Just like china likes p2w aspects. They get a white cat vs our black. They get a rickshaw 2 person mount vs we get a costume. Their wings are different too, we get white angel wings, they get glowing blue wings. Premier status - + 10% experience in monster battles, + 20% stamina for ground and Aerial skills, Ability to choose whenever you wish to activate your double XP bonus Scroll of Exploration - Unlimited wings's durability and mount's stamina, All mounts from your inventory inherit speed of your fastest mount, All wings from your inventory inherit speed of your fatest wings, Free teleportation and faster movement granted daily) Scroll of Wisdom - 15% more experience from Hot Springs consumables, 30% more PvP experience, 30% more Guardians' faction points, No losses in daily Aptitude conversion Scroll of Combat - Unlocks an additional preset of character attributes, Unlocks an additional preset of Skills, 5 free dungeon respawns per day