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  1. Sorry to necro this post but I had to chime in here and lets talk about memories, just wow. Have no idea how to even begin to even describe but allow me to begin here. I was on the Rathe Server (EQ of course) and was asked by a good friend at the time whilst chilling on the wall for a pull in Unrest, now to know, this was back around ummm mid to late 99? and that good friend was named Aludar he goes, "Hey would you would be interested in joining this guild that I just became apart of? Whats the name I go, Brotherhood of the Spider. What motivates them I asked, goals etc. he explained etc. and so on and that they were brand spanking new, wanting to hard charge content and make stuff happen. Silly me turned it down but later joined much later to be exact. Though during my time on Rathe I saw BoT's get banned I think what twice on the server for whatever reasons being it for boss pulls cause the other guild wasnt ready yadda yadda and the last one was pretty hefty break by the admin and to which was remade quickly under another name, it was just so edgy for us at the time not to mention all we had was the horrid chat box to communicate with as it was, so any information that was passed along was more than likely blown way out of any kind of validity *laughs* I have to agree those were fun times and defined MMO's and how we play to this very day. I just laugh at the BS in chat via WoW and the crap that's pulled not to say we didn't do that same thing but we also knew anything we did had a huge consequence behind it cause we all knew each when I see or hear that damn emote /train in WoW no one truly knows where that came from and how friggin scary it was when we heard that word in chat.. Good to see yall making this work and continue to do so