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  1. You're doing fine. I've been in your shoes many times. I don't envy you at all. AC is consistently trying to encourage Mali and I to take over a team or be a leader in any game. One of the reasons we don't want to do it anymore is because of what you are going through right now. The only advice I can give is keep doing what you're doing and know that no matter how hard you work at it, you will never make everyone happy. So do what makes you happy and if people wanna jump on board, they will. It's kinda like that asshole raid leader. Everyone hates him but they stay with him because he's good at raid leading and content dies.
  2. All of what Ufa said sounds legit to me. I have no idea what category I fit in to or who he was talking about specifically, but if it's me, that's fine. I know I'm good and it started long before Wildstar. I just haven't had a chance to prove it in FFXIV. I know my place. I never expected to be in Metal's group nor did I want to be at this moment so I know that part can't be me. I mentioned the Red Mage situation because the initial Metal Post didn't make sense to me and not really because it directly reflected me, although it seems so. Just thought it was weird saying they wanna bring the best, but then say they were bringing someone not knowing if they are good at dps. It really had nothing to do with me personally I just wanted someone to make sense of the situation. I already know I'm not good in FFXIV yet. I hope I am not one of the ones you guys don't like playing with though. If you guys are, then Mali and I can find someplace else to go. It doesn't really bother us. We're not attached to anyone anyhow, but we can discuss that in game or mumble. I have come to play FFXIV because we liked some of the people we raided with in Wildstar on a personality level. I have no unrealistic expectations of raiding with them just because I did in Wildstar. There are Wildstar players I thought were horrible too. See you all in game.
  3. My thoughts are, I'm new, I'll get my time eventually. I don't care what group I am in. I just didn't like seeing that a Red Mage who is "currently not 70 nor do we know where he's at DPS wise" already gets a spot without considering anyone else or even considering whether his dps sucks. To me, just seemed a cliquish thing to say is all not to mention said after it was stated we need the best players. Not 70 and not knowing someone's dps is not what I consider "best player". Maybe Shayvana is a great fuckin player no matter what he plays. I have known people like that, however, that's not how it came across. On that note, new doesn't mean bad player. I guarantee I will be a top tier red mage whether I am raiding with or without the "A-Team". I am not a "gotta have it now" kinda player. This game is not hard, getting in a pug run is easy. I may not be the first person to kill something, but I am going to kill it. Now enough about me. A guild cannot have a hardcore/ softcore mentality. It never works. If you want to be hardcore, then be hardcore and to hell with those who can't cut it. Just be prepared to have people pissed off. Who cares, you're hardcore. I've been there and I get it. If you want to be softcore, then be softcore and work at downing stuff together not caring if you wipe 100 times over. The best way to meet DPS checks, aside from caring enough to get better, is to practice the boss. When I first started dpsing, I sucked at certain fights, but as I got to know the fight, the less I had to struggle with dps. With that in mind, I understand those who know the game, their classes, mechanics, etc.. better than most can get impatient at not downing content. So down your content then help others. The problem with people like that is because they have done it over and over and no longer need anything, they don't help anyone either, unless it benefits them somehow. I have seen it with my own eyes in my short time with this game. Again, hardcore mentality, which is fine, just don't lie to yourselves and others about it. Embrace the hardcore. I am hardcore myself, but I am more patient than most hardcore people. Final Fantasy is easy to pug raid content. It's not like other games that you have to be in a guild to down content. The fact of the matter is, people like raiding with specific people. There is nothing wrong with that. All you have to do is PUG a run to get better just in case that team needs someone. When they finally need you, you have the choice to run with them or not just as they have the right to not let you in their runs immediately. All I would ask is be consistent. Me personally, I would rather you tell me I suck or that someone is better then me instead of making excuses. I also understand not all are as thick skinned as me. Ufa is an ass and everyone knows it, but at least he's honest. If you can't handle the truth, don't ask the questions. The same goes for not being selected for the A-Team. Move on, wait your turn, and down content or just move on and down content with a pug and embarrass the "A-Team".
  4. regardless of how I do as Red Mage...I'm out...gotcha...
  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my DROW family!! I hope all your raiding dreams come true!! Nav Revelation Online Officer
  6. This is the info after 2 weeks of Closed Beta...I thought it was pretty nice of them to share this with us.
  7. Love the new artwork with one exception...I can't see the black spider icon. I use a dark browser theme. Other than that, lovin' it. Though I only play Wildstar at the moment, would love to be a part of the Drow team.