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  1. We have a guild on Satele Shan, not really active though. I log on every once in a while to check out new content, but it's desperately in need of an Xpack
  2. We wouldn't know. They elected to mothball the organization as they saw it (drow.org and associated servers) rather than make some changes that actively playing/participating leadership felt was necessary to keep up with the gaming landscape and user base.
  3. Hi All, Been hearing some rumbling recently regarding Mumble vs Discord and why we’re still continuing to use Mumble in 2018. I wanted to address some of those concerns and let you know part of what has influenced our decision thus far. Mumble is open source software, currently we’re hosted through a 3rd party provider but we have considered what it would cost to move it to a cloud VPS instead. This means that we’re able to have exclusive control of the server itself and the only data it would log would be joins and disconnects from the server. Mumble uses encryption certificates to encrypt all communications. It also has the lowest latency of any of the common VoIP clients. Discord on the other hand is not a self-hosted service, so it’s run through Discord’s corporate servers. In the wake of the Facebook scandal earlier this year, that’s no small thing. They claim they do not collect or share user data, but their terms and conditions do allow them to do so. There’s also the fact that they are owned by venture capital firms, who have to be expecting to turn a profit somehow, likely involving telemetry and user data. Additionally while they claim voice communications are encrypted, this is not something that we have any control over. Additionally, from an administration perspective, while it has improved a lot since the beginning there is still a level of detail in control that Mumble gives the admins vs Discord. As you can see since you’re reading this, we have a Discord. You’re welcome to use it for whatever you see fit. It’s not going away anytime soon. This is just the reasoning as to why we’re likely to continue utilizing Mumble, at least from my perspective, for the near future. Thanks for reading.
  4. So long as you'd make sure anyone flying the guild tag comports themselves in line with organizational rules I don't see it being a problem to have a casual team there.
  5. Hmm apparently this is the 12th, not the 19th as I somehow transposed in my head. Tickets are scheduled to release at 10, which is also when the store opens, soooo decent chance I get fucked over on trying to buy tickets at the same time as all that. If anyone wants to forward CC info early I can try, but that's about all I can offer atm. New job doesn't start until the 29th.
  6. No that's me
  7. Look under Drow Members, everyone who's said they're participating should have access.
  8. Congratulations to Tilestiv as our newest Drow Core member!
  9. Felt like pushups was the more gender/other factors neutral benchmark to use, but if people wanting to compete in that category come to a unanimous decision for bench press (or squats or deadlift or whatever you want) then we can swap that up.
  10. You try synching up schedules from West Coast USA to someone working night shift in Germany. Nah but we'll probably have something up here on Monday so...
  11. Nah just dueling schedules and me falling asleep at 6 PM last night.
  12. Real talk for a second: If anyone legitimately wants to join Drow Core, the primary way would be to get involved with team leadership and/or the overall organization leadership. Volunteer to be officers on teams, help with officer tasks, or get involved with planning and logistics for organization events like meetups. Core members are typically those who current core members see as someone who wants a hand in helping to lead teams and the organization itself in the future. If that's something you're interested in, talk to us about it and see how you can get involved. It's not meant to be a club of exclusion. Anyway, grants again to Tile.
  13. SWTOR and WoW mostly, a bit of Overwatch and single player games on the side.
  14. Granted. We're taking a bit of a break for now, probably putting together a small group for heroic Antorus and later mythic Battle. Not sure if we will do anything serious on classic servers, but we'll have some sort of guild for doing stuff.
  15. Yup, good timekiller until the PC version is out
  16. PC game doesn't require PSN. That's bullshit though.
  17. For those of you unaware, Drow as a gaming organization has been around since 1996. During that time, we've sponsored teams in a wide variety of games. People have come and gone, some of us have been here a very long time (11 years in September for myself, a few of our casual members longer than that). Some of us were around for the content I will be posting over the next year or so, some were still in elementary school. I think all of us can appreciate where we've come from, and look ahead to where we might be in another 20 years. So with that said, let's kick off the inaugural episode of 20 Years of Drow: A History in Screenshots! All of the following screenshots are 10 years old as of this post, so from June and early July of 2007. In future episodes, I may not stick exactly to the 10 year mark as I have some older screenshots I haven't had a chance to watermark yet, but all screenshots posted will be at least 10 years old at time of posting. First we have the Vanguard team, starved for raid content, attacking a nearly invulnerable world mob and killing it. Then the WoW team, defeating Lady Vashj in Serpentshrine Cavern on the 2nd pull of the night. The WoW team, killing Kael'Thas in The Eye and unlocking the Hyjal zone. The WoW team, killing Rage Winterchill the very same night as they killed Kael'Thas and unlocked the zone! That's it for our first episode, check back soon (later this month) for Episode 2!
  18. I keep thinking about buying it. I have like $15 in steam credit from bitcoin that I converted to wallet funds. Played it for an hour or so at work awhile back testing it on someone's PC.
  19. With a new raid zone release comes new fun and new challenges. We've had some long time members who have decided that their enjoyment with the game has come to an end, at least temporarily. We've also added several new members who are dedicated and excited to push mythic progression with us. With that, here's our first boss kill in Mythic Tomb of Sargeras, Goroth. We are recruiting, see WoWProgress or the Join Drow link above.
  20. About 23 mins of raw gameplay in 4k. Also Nathan Fillion AND Gina Torres together again.
  21. Yeah watching it at 4k fps @ 60 hz on a 4k monitor definitely makes PC feel like the proper choice.
  22. No real big new tech coming in the near future other than Optane caching and/or if Intel decides to kick things up a notch to fight Ryzen. I've had good luck with recommending MSI gaming laptops but I have purchased and probably will continue to purchase some Asus ROG parts for my desktop, so it's comparable. Blu-ray is only a necessity if you're using it for watching movies I guess? There are externals for like $70 if that's easier.