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  1. About 23 mins of raw gameplay in 4k. Also Nathan Fillion AND Gina Torres together again.
  2. Yeah watching it at 4k fps @ 60 hz on a 4k monitor definitely makes PC feel like the proper choice.
  3. No real big new tech coming in the near future other than Optane caching and/or if Intel decides to kick things up a notch to fight Ryzen. I've had good luck with recommending MSI gaming laptops but I have purchased and probably will continue to purchase some Asus ROG parts for my desktop, so it's comparable. Blu-ray is only a necessity if you're using it for watching movies I guess? There are externals for like $70 if that's easier.
  4. Red maaaaaage
  5. Weeks/Months behind, but we have successfully downed both of these bosses and are ready for Star Augur. After a couple weeks of attempts on Botanist and some very low % wipes, we went in and oneshot it this week. Tichondrius went down tonight, for 2 bosses in 1 week, a feat we haven't done in a while. We are recruiting, join up for the most entertaining guild on Doomhammer. Also we kill stuff sometimes and have lots of stories about when we were hardcore.
  6. Krosus is dead, it can neither be confirmed or denied that he died of sepsis due to living in his own toilet. Now that this boss is done, expect some future Nighthold kills on all sorts of fun things. Also here are the screenshots of some kills we were behind on. Skorpryon only included because the screenshot is amusing as that barely qualifies as a boss.
  7. Fuck pretty much everything about this boss. Have a happy new year everyone, see you in 2017!
  8. Xavius was around exactly as easy as advertised for any guild that can take on Mythic Cenarius and win. A bit disappointing for an end of zone boss as far as difficulty, but Mythic Helya in Trial of Valor appears to fill that niche and will be the gateway content to Nighthold early next year. Thankfully we were able to knock this out before the Thanksgiving holiday, so we'll see everyone back next week to begin Trial of Valor progression in earnest. Video Bonus:
  9. Look to see a Mythic Xavius killshot up here very soon. Until then here's Il'gynoth which I forgot about because of the rush to leave for Blizzcon, and Cenarius. Not the hardest encounters ever by any stretch but reasonably entertaining fights. Time to go kill the raid boss who does skip leg day.
  10. Glad to hear it
  11. If you're dead set on air cooling the Hyper 212 is pretty much the Ford F150 of air coolers. Very popular and gets the job done reasonably well. Not sure why you're set against liquid cooling though? I've had a great experience with my Corsair H110i GT...
  12. I have the Hero VII and have been very happy with it. Needed a BIOS update to play nice with Windows 10 but otherwise no issues and does everything I need of it.
  13. i7-6700k and GTX 1080 would be the gold standard currently