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  1. See what happens when AC isnt wiping the raid
  2. Wait i thought Destiny was suppose to go for 10 years? Did they scrap the expansion style and just go the CoD style of a new games as an update? Also i might pick it up on PC if they offer more than a tiny little player HUB like they did with D1
  3. Hell no
  4. Yea those are sword noises. Samurai bitches. suck a dick grizz no blue mage for you
  5. Fuck PoTD. Fun for the first clear but after that its death. Did 3 classes to cap in there
  6. Whats the new way?
  7. Not anymore we stopped a few months back
  8. Nice. $20 AC died
  9. So i upgrade my pc over the holidays with my extra cash and sweet jesus iv never had so many issues with a build. So first i got my Gpu which i chose a Galax GTX1080 HOF because why the fuck not amirite xD. So when i got the card they didnt have the Cpu/Mobo/Ram i wanted in stock so i just got the card and a ssd. Got home and put it in my old rig and 2 hours later it blue screens then it doesnt boot. So i take out the card and try with my old card, Still wont boot so i try to boot from the mobo and yea nope its fried. So i go back after new years to get the rest of my PC part and end up doing a full build. I get home and build it and it runs pretty good for a few hours then blue screens then when ever i boot back up i get weird boxes on my screen then it blue screens. So i take it to a IT guy i know and he says "Gpu's fucked cunt" so i go back to the store and they keep it over night to run some test, The next day (today) i go back in and they say "Na cunt its algood" and hand the card back and tell me to go check it in my Pc...."Still fucked" so i take it back to get a replacement or refund and the owner tries to bullshit me on reasons why i cant get a refund. So i ask to use his work phone and i call the cops and ask them to say over the speaker what the ACL laws are ( Aus Consumer Law ) for refunds and he rekts the owner of the place. So i get a new card.....Yep its fucked as well. Take it back ends up being a faulty HMDI port and i run some test on my power draw from the wall and i have a fucked rail in the PSU as well. So yea fun times for me just sitting here running some FurMark and scratching my balls. So how was your guys holidays Also specs if anyone wants to know. Galax 1080 HOF L.E i7-6700k 16g Corsair RGB Ram Gigabyte Z170x-Gaming 5 mobo Coolermaster Hyper 212X cooler Corsair Crystal 460X RGB Case (Case is so sexy)
  10. You see my toon. Bitch aint got no panties. Also you can fuck right off i seen you buy WoW. Filthy
  11. Cant click fast enough to stop the one shots
  12. I would but you might break a hip