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  1. Yea il be playing it on launch. Doesnt look too good though
  2. Yea. They look like memory foam bricks. But if they are comfy i dont care what they look like lol
  3. Pretty much. I was looking at an Aeron and Leap but the price here in aus is a joke, Even second hand ones run over 1k. They are releasing a headrest for my chair in like 5 days so that'll be dope. Only down side of the chair are the arm rests. Shits like rock solid but thats the same for most of the chairs at the high end. I like my old chair that had fabric arm rests. Guess il look for some good memory foam covers. Do you know any good ones?
  4. i went with the Veragear Triigger 350. Pretty much on par with what AC has. Other then that Ergohuman has some decent chairs at a bit lower price. Then the other chair would be from Herman Miller but thats the top end and the price tag reflects it lol.
  5. LMFAO
  6. Little bit higher
  7. New net bitches no more 2mb download
  8. Lol they must be pretty fucking desperate to bring a free trial out so soon. 10/10 game
  9. So ahh P2P for multiplayer on pc...LOL no game capture for OBS or mumble discord overlays. bungie is on point lol
  10. That 80 ping is to the melbourne exchange . With lag i sit at 197 to the NA server. Without its around 220
  11. Fuck it il throw my 2 cents in since some people only see what they want to. Some people dont like playing together its that simple. Some people WILL NOT mesh well in the raid team Metal has right now. I am the most vocal in the raid and trust me i call it all out and i know after the year straight of raiding with the wildstar team that some people will not fit the group regardless or class or dps. Now for shy being brought in? he joined our raid group when it was 2 split groups. We also had Rhuka join to fill a spot we needed. They arent getting benched before they get a shot because the other group imploded because pugging one was too difficult. People arent happy they didnt make metals team. Thats fine but why werent you picked? is it because of the class you play, Because your understanding of the class or because you just arent good at FFXIV. Some people are because of reason 1 others of 2 and others of 3 but fuck me some are all the above. This isnt wildstar you will never overgear current content. Gear doesnt stop a 1 shot in this game. Its that simple. We set groups for week 1 so that the newer group would have a shot at v1. But people then spoke up saying they dont like raiding with one person or another. Then the raid went shit nothing died and people want in on our group after we already started recruiting. 4 of us arent happy wiping for hours with 0 progression so we made another group instead of sitting 4 people every week. We had permission from Core to split the teams so we did. Everyone who just wanted to raid was put in group 1 and Alia, Lat, Metal and myself made group 2 and started finding people to fill it out with the classes we wanted. Some people seem to think that they can just coast through because the content is easy. Sure it is but at the current level of some people that easy content is still miles ahead of where they are at. Pretty much this. We played nice for week 1 and gave ourselves the shit end of the stick yet people keep pushing the fucking button thinking they have some right to a raid spot. This sint WoW or W* this is FFXIV if you arent good enough at FFXIV i dont want you om our raid group. Does that hurt peoples feelings? No idea i think it seems pretty damn straight forward and fair.
  12. You get worse ping flux then that lore
  13. Dat ping spikes and packet loss