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  1. I have a 60 warrior and 46 rogue on Grobbulus-RPPVP. Horde side. So far the PVP has been fun. I am in a pretty large guild if anybody wants in. They clear MC/Ony weekly... generally 30-50 people on every night. I don't currently raid but I know some of the officers so could vouch for somebody.
  2. Congratulations Ri and well-deserved. Welcome to Core!
  3. Welcome to the club brother. Congratulations to Tile!
  4. Great job team. Keep up the good work!
  5. Good work boys (and gals). Keep it up!
  6. Prince confirmed dead this morning. May we all cry purple tears.
  7. Good job, buddy. I am glad you are doing well. Keep it up and we will keep slaying dragons. Btw, I am glad your typing/grammar skills are still intact.
  8. Congrats to Zeyra and keep up the good work WS team!
  9. Yeah, I am apparently in beta as of today... I am definitely playing right now.
  10. No email from Blizz... but my install button for Overwatch was lite up this evening and it is currently downloading.
  11. Sad puppy face.
  12. This is a terrible "first" post... just saying.