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  1. 2.01 mb?
  3. Anyone else cave in and buy it on both console and pc to not wait 1.5 months?
  4. "...and then maybe eat a sandwich"
  5. Honestly, I thought the idea of having the 3rd team fell apart the day after you pulled us aside, when it was decided to not have 2 midweek teams, and iirc I didn't hear much about it afterwards. Based on this though, I guess that I was making an incorrect assumption. Fuhma, I'm willing to come raid in the 3rd group and help you manage it however you need.
  6. Console open beta is out until the 23rd
  7. Beta and release schedules were announced Destiny 2 BETA July 18: PlayStation 4 Pre-Order BETA July 19: Xbox One Pre-Order BETA July 21: Open BETA for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One July 23: Console BETA End-date Late August: PC BETA Destiny 2 LAUNCH September 6: PS4 and Xbox One October 24: PC So.....have to wait til October
  8. Thought that was interesting, but makes sense. Blizzard's said D2's gonna be the only non-blizz game on the platform.
  9. Same.