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  1. As a retired core and longtime member, I need zero hints or clues. Shit, I could probably write a transcript of the incident and I wasn't even there! LOL. Like I said, just glad to see Drow alive and kicking!
  2. Anyone still playing this on PC? Feel free to add me if so. uPlay: torkil13 Steam: torkill13
  3. Anyone check out the DOOM Open Beta this weekend? What were your thoughts? --Torkill
  4. What's up fellas?! Destiny dragged me away from PC gaming for the past couple years and when The Division dragged me back to the PC, I went to the old site and was sad to see it gone. Today I felt nostalgic and started looking for old Drow stuff on the web and found your new home! Not sure WTF happened, but very glad to see you guys picking up the reigns and keeping the legacy going! I hope everyone is doing well and look forward to catching up with old friends and making new ones. --Torkill