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  1. I'd say those crowd funded projects, like Crowfall and Camelot Unchained, qualify as more than 'aint shit', but to each his own, I think the genre is far from dead. Is there a point? I thought the whole idea was to make shit for when Next went live. I was sad, what shocked me was how smedley or whatever fuck wad is in charge now said the game was cancelled because it wasn't fun, I mean they probably should've let the players decide on that imo.
  2. I know who the fuck you are, dont talk to me like I'm a child demo lolol Good to see ya man.
  3. This is me, I found out the old forums were gone today. Its cool to see old SWG names immediately though, it really makes me sad the old forums are gone. Is there any hope of some back up that we could persuade someone to upload? I would just love to be able to sift through some of the old swg post to find pictures and stuff.
  4. I was looking to come back to the team so to speak, I went to the old forums hoping to see if anyone was getting into Crowfall or Camelot, only to be metaphorically brought to my knees in sadness lol. I played with DROW in too many games to list, most notably SWG as miokhistan and a few other names and Warhammer Online as swishersweets I think. I was miokhistan and Wazza on the last boards.