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  1. i will be spending much time with it, after having spent much time with it on ps4
  2. Grats!
  3. Welp Ephereral fantasia won, will do another after i beat this thanks for all ye help
  4. right now i am sticking to games i have manually backed up, and PS2
  5. https://strawpoll.com/rrg5d1c1 please vote i am very undicisive
  6. apperently Nope, alot of people are refunding
  7. @here bless server is Lilyanthes, says agy
  8. thanks
  9. if ye end up playing ac, and if i can and you want me to i can pass ya the lead in guild
  10. imma play both this and bless
  11. ya anyone can just send me a message and i can get them an invite, and i will make sure they follow our guidlines
  12. Gonna get into Dauntless for a while i think. i think others could enjoy it some. if i make a guild with my founders pack i have can i call it drow? www.playdauntless.com
  13. ya imma at least try it,
  14. kk i have other friends playing this, and they are also wanting union, lets try to chose same server