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  1. heres a link i use to get it going http://excellence-ffxiv.enjin.com/forum/m/19945089/viewthread/18541326-guide-to-act-dps-parser-overlay-utility
  2. that video looks controller controlled
  3. well ac has stolen me, i'l dling and getting in ff14
  4. if i get it it's gonna be pc. i am most likely going to get it
  5. grrr i want to but but last time...
  6. i never got to max level in current one ><. last time i rushed to max level before expansion diddent go to well for me when it came out. think i might skip this one
  7. lol and their out of stock? of a digital item?
  8. oh and no jpop? you betray your name!
  9. you have to have a video when i mess up my first surrender to madness? Booo!
  10. maby i should resub and finish leveling my astrologer or whatever it's called?
  11. and i thought our droughts were bad
  12. who would be up for having a team when ranked comes out? i'd be up for it, i'm best at mercy, lucio, and symetra