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  1. do we know what faction or server we want?
  2. we havin a mumble party while doin it again?
  3. i could join if ye all dont mind me being on medication that could give me a large advantage. oh and having medical problems that require me to loose weight
  4. looked more and sence it's buy to play with no sub, i might try it. need a new mmo to feed the addiction
  5. i'v heard bad things
  6. on medicine, would kinda make it cheeting
  7. This guild will be shaken to the core! i really Core about you all! lets pop a CORK in celebration. is this a Cordial event?
  8. Overwatch, Rainbow 6 Seige, WoW, Sea of Thieves, Monster Hunter, Farcry 5, and lots of others
  9. to bad i cant join, i bet i would win
  10. yep yep
  11. my ping when i played wow was about 100 to 300 even for overwatch it gets that high a decent amount. makes play fps and action games over the internet hard
  12. naa just general ping - would ye sujjest wtfast?
  13. wait thats bad thats what i was confused about. it's better than what i usualy have
  14. yay outside point of view time!!! from my view those that are talking are wanting hardcore raiding. in my view if you wanna be a hardcore raider from experience, you need a few things. 1. accepting the comitment. 2. being on time and there for whole raid. 3. doing research and being the best class that is needed. 4. doing all you can to have best gear possible at the time. 5. getting you conssumables 6. playing at needed standerds. now if you cant accpept those dosent mean ye cant raid, i just means ye prolly cant hardcore raid ("Which imo takes alot of fun out"). because your mindset dosent match theirs. i think the best alternitave is to find people to "Casucore raid" IE we want to progress while trying to fit it around our lives and how we want to play. i think this has been managed somewhat well with the wow flunkies who came over. but this is just my opinion. and the best way to solve any problem...... Talk it out calmly while stating your side and stating what you think the other sides view is. sometimes you can be argueing about the same thing but using words that have different meanings to each person so it seems different. again this iss from an outside viewpoint and all opinions. but i just wanna try to help
  15. i dont understand what i am looking at