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  1. Big World tests preview by TheLazyPeon (briefly, servers are much bigger, crafting / gathering is added etc.): ...and some combat footage by ItsZiz:
  2. Couple more videos + info about player made buildings + harvesting/gathering resources update. First, Crowfall vs Camelot Unchained comparison by ItsZiz - he explains some basics of both games: ...then Minotaur (berserker/tank), first impressions and mechanics explained by ZybakTV: ...and Druid (range/support/heal) gameplay by ItsZiz: Also, it turns out that building will be modular, that is - players will have wall sections, towers etc. and put these together at will. Some folks at forums put together size comparison charts (you can click the pic to enlarge) tho the biggest structures - palaces and citadels - are not there due to not enough info. Say here's one of the medium buildings: Finally, recent big update on harvesting and gathering resources by design lead T. Blair - http://forums.mmorpg.com/discussion/456545/exclusive-developer-blog-harvesting-crowfall-dev-journals ...and his harvesting chit chat with Raph Koster, you might remember that guy from SWG:
  3. mmorpg

    Briefly, Camelot Unchained aka "Dark Age of Camelot 2" (...meets Minecraft on steroids - see the video below) is PvP/building/crafting MMORPG by Mark Jacobs. Or you can check it's IGN Wiki - with the update that budget is close to $8M BUT beta hasn't started yet...or Camelot Unchained reddit, handy for asking questions or just learning about the game, including some bad things - https://www.reddit.com/r/CamelotUnchained/ The game has 100% free form building, and it will matter a lot for the economy and especially for control and defense of conquered territories. Video below was made this May by Necromaniak, one of players in alpha tests: Avatar and the environment in that vid are placeholders from 2013 (and same goes for practically any footage available out of the NDA), this is one of recent updates: Couple more details - beta should start in a month or two (but it was delayed earlier...), the game will have box price and sub (~$10), beta 1 backers (~$60 pledge) have access to both C.U.B.E. ( building tool - http://camelotunchained.com/v3/c-u-b-e/ ) and some current (alpha) test sessions AND the game certainly won't launch before second half of 2017 - of course, this is not official...yet.
  4. Well then, frankly, this isn't the game for you...I guess!? I believe that comparing CF to EVE gives good orientation - it's leveling, economy, crafting, PvE, commitment & investment etc. By the way, I see now that the OP is rather vague and generic - it makes Crowfall look like just another indie sandbox PvP, and we have these a dime a dozen I can't edit, but here is couple more details: Already 120 000 registered supporters i.e. accounts and more than $7M of budget (and it was kickstarted a year ago); account will be tied to crow-spirit and NOT body/avatar...this means lots of flying to find new corpse after death, and likely frequent sex/class/race changes!?! Also, access to alpha tests is kinda expensive, but there will be open beta "this winter" - requiring only registration on site. I'm likely forgetting lots of important stuff, but you saw procedural terrain generation, voxel building & destruction... ah, but of course: it will have servers with lots of varying rulesets, from free for all (friendly fire) + full corpse loot to RvRvR (ESO, DAoC, GW2), guild vs guild or even PvP completely off - if monarch chooses so in his eternal kingdom.
  5. It seems that they are hit with a massive wave of refund requests, due to cheaters/hackers gone wild!? Couple details - http://www.gameplanet.com.au/pc/news/g57213ebc4c0de/Former-Titanfall-coder-The-Division-may-need-total-netcode-rewrite/?utm_source=geo&utm_content=popular-articles&referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.gpforums.com.au%2Fthreads%2F505863-Crowfall-breaks-6M-in-funding-starts-new-test-session%3Fp%3D10803520
  6. They have Raph Koster working on crafting, many think that it just can't get any better than that (especially army of his ex-SWG fans). You have some kind of intro here - https://errantpenman.com/2015/04/01/crafting-with-variable-stat-materials/ but the team is currently focused on combat, sieges/destruction, FPS improvements and adding new classes. Speaking of building, players will be building their own kingdoms by playing Tetris (lol just check the video below) together with setting rules there, such as PvP on/off + taxes, item decay etc. ...and they already showed some early tests of this tool (just skip that AWFUL acting in the beginning )
  7. Speaking of sieges, a sneak peek at new siege engines and here you can see these babies at work, I call this "Death in the Rubble":
  8. A little tribute - written by Prince, sang wonderfully by Sinead:
  9. There will be some PvE, but that's minor - it's all about politics and PvP i.e. massive battles/sieges and such stuff. Think: Eve Online in medieval setting, Eve doesn't have much PvE - and nobody is playing it for PvE anyway. While I'm here, Ranger was added to the tests the other day:
  10. The game is medieval fantasy PvP MMORPG, claiming territory + building & destruction, will be buy to play etc... For quick intro & lore - it's IGN Wiki, Pantheon and Archetypes. Here's some early test footage (still small numbers, small maps, rough & missing stuff, yadda...): PS My favorite goddess, Yaga: ...And Hellcat (it used to be normal cat, devoured by the Hunger...):
  11. A little kitten was happily playing his DJ stuff... ...when the lightning struck!
  12. I raise this cup of black tea (with only a drop of honey) to all you people! Happy valentines! <3
  13. Looks like Gigantic (used to be my preference) is falling apart, layoffs and delays