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  1. You can try, but I get the feeling you're just as bad at pushups as you are shoes.
  2. I could do the strength competition but I don't really have a means of buying in. So I'll just do it alongside whoever else does it but be ineligable.
  3. Same, except I kept replaying it and I can't stop. Send halp.
  4. Any of you still play bloodborne?
  5. Probably for the best. I would kick your ass.
  6. Hmm. Can I get in on this? I am definitely down for some cash prizes.
  7. May not be playing Destiny 2. Apparently my apartment complex is blocking access to PSN. Because reasons.
  8. It's a centralized mesh network, it's not actually P2P but it's definitely not dedicated servers either. The game capture restriction only applies to full screen games, and may not be included in the final game (I'm leaning towards yes though).
  9. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that. It makes total sense, but it seemed so surreal for some reason.
  10. The original plan was a Tick-Tock system with a game every 2 years and a massive expansion in between. That was adjusted when they scrapped all their work on D1 and basically hobbled the game together with glue, and used smaller expansions to buy time. The 10 years thing was a reference to how long they wanted to work on the IP. It looks like they're going to go for a two-year major-release cycle again, but with two expansions in between. I'm still playing every now and then, and I would much rather play on PC, but my best friend wants to play on PS4. So there's a good chance I'll take the hit and play it on PS4 instead.
  11. 4pc Sentry is laughably overtuned, I don't think Massive understands how to balance a game. It was clearly designed around people using it while sniping, but you can just use any other gun and get 3 stacks up immediately.
  12. I managed to shape shift into Gamon, while standing on the right side facing the wrong direction every single kill picture. Mission accomplished.
  13. I'll trade you. Free time for a stable gpu.
  14. I'd rather not have a bot designed after you.
  15. I think Dell hates Ubisoft more than Jim Sterling hates Konami.