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  1. A couple of us from here are on SWG again the rogue one emulator server playing around. If you join up look me up in game Stormgeald as always.
  2. I currently have it pre ordered for Xbox one but will likely be getting it on PC as well.
  3. Anyone using this card? I went to update the drivers of my HD6950 and alas they are no longer supported. I was looking at the R9 and wanted some thoughts from people that have used it.
  4. Ah I am on xbox one unfortantly
  5. I think its basicaly locked up now it wont let me send one without inputing a serial
  6. I have that we go back and forth and they want my serial which i dont have or numbers from the credit cards used which have changed numerous times. Ive never had so much trouble recovering an account.
  7. I got really hooked on Destiny for XBox One. This was the only game I played from March into November. It is a great mashup of PVP and MMO. However with their newest expansion the Taken King the content got old really quickly after downing hard mode multiple times. Now I am cycling through all those black friday deals I bought. Witcher 3 is what I am working through now. I saw we had a DROW team at one time in Destiny but they prob got bored before I started playing. I was a late comer to the game.
  8. I wish I could get back into my accounts. I digitaly downloaded these but they wont let me back in without my cd keys, which are not in my email. I dont even remember what site I got them from. Ive gone round and round twice with customer service and in the end nothing.