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  1. Hey Jimcy, Long time no see mate. Lost your number or I would have texted ya a while back ^^ Hit me up if you still have mine somewhere Tal
  2. Well if it helps, Looks like they did do the recipe increase drop rate for the big four ( blue lvl 45 dungeons ) They are much more common to drop now, and you can increase the drop count by killing off one of the twin bosses prior to the other one ( rumored, never really tried it ) Dailies are your main source of income. Tower - 3 gold 20 mins Nightmare ( 24 man ) 1 gold ( or more can not remember ) 20-40 mins Blood Shade 1 gold 30 mins Supply 6 man - 1 gold 20-30 mins Supply 24 man - 2-3 gold ( not sure ) 30-40 mins Big four dungeons ( blues ) - 1.3 gold 30 mins PvP dailies - 1 gold 20 mins That brings you around 10 gold for about 3 hours. Can pick and choose your quests, and then there is Labyrinth You do need drops from all dungeons above. Weather the end boss loot auction, or daily rewards. I am on last weapon still for Pirate, and that requires drops from night and blood shade 26, tower 100 , soul shards 250 , and ofc moonwater stones 10. Farm is there, soul shields go for next to nothing, same with your upgrade item drops ( short the first week or two of release ) Korean based MMO, it is going to be a farm, and honestly to me is getting more managable the more I keep playing. Soulstones on the other hand, are getting easier and easier, as arena play if you are into that part of the PvP
  3. yeah know the feeling a bit there AC, Just finished all but weapon ( the accessories where a pain ) last stage on weapon till next content patch of level 50 increase ( whenever that is ) so started a warlock to fill the time.
  4. Any of you guys still running this ? I see AC every now and then on.
  5. Brought up yesterday about soulshields from Mushin Tower. Here is a listing of the top end Soul Shields you will have access after the patch tomorrow. http://bns.endgame.pk/soul_shields/ BiS is all going to fall under rng of opening/unsealing to get good stats, and more then likely, mix and matching sets to get what you are after. 3 high crit pieces from one set, and 5 from another are going to yield you much higher stats then any one set out there. Building a PvP and PvE shield set, is probably going to be key for anyone. Prior to anyone buying high end crafted crit shields off the AH ( you are paying out the rear on these ) and getting a bad roll on the fusion, I would suggest fusing the 7 and 8 crit shields from East Supply Line that drop like candy off mobs. Nope, you are not going to get the highest possible crit rating, but spending anywhere from 3-9 gold per shield is a little out of reach atm for most players. more so with the rng possibilty of a bad roll I am still running Arena ( Misty PvP ) with most pieces high rolled Crit Shields from East Supply fused. Let me know if you have anymore questions AC
  6. I would not say that, easier path, is Blue yes AC. You can probably get the PvP Soul Shield in a few hours on Blue once you can do Mistywoods. Think I split mine up over a few days to get mine on Tal being Red. Once you get the shield, I would not really say there is that much of a difference which one your main is in. Also, not sure what the stats of the Soul Shield for Tower is, I will see if I can ask some of the guys and get some more info. If Tower is way OP over Misty, then meh would that really matter ? That is if you can get Tower done with out it.
  7. Dragon Ess are not tradeable, even to your alt. Soul Shards are tradeable to anyone.
  8. Most of it yes. NOT ALL of them ( example not sure if you can mail the Dragon Ess from killing Dragon, but I will check in about an hour and update this ). Soul Shards and the next Tier of item ( will be used in place of Soul Shards ) are mailable, and why I made a second toon in Blue specificly. Run dailies with Clan on Red side, breeze through them on Alt on Blue side, mail Shards to Tal for crafting. Sigs are NOT transferable. And they are faction coated on top of that. So in terms of farming the Soul Shield and other faction purchased items, no go there. Easy test of transferable, look to see on the AH if it is there, if it is there, I know you can mail to an alt. There are also some items that can be traded, but not placed on AH. ( certain Gems for example ) Another side note, not sure if anyone here in Drow has picked up the recipe required for making Moonwater Transfermation Stones to upgrade with ( only really been chatting with AC, and his lazy butt just hit 45 I think ) but I can craft them. Can get you guys a list of needed mats if you are need of them, and ask Anne to craft me batches of them for weapon upgrades. IMHO the asseories are not worth the needed mats at this point and time.
  9. You would be looking at a two to three day rebuild of the Rep to do Mistywoods dailies. So not something you want to be swapping a lot. As to your guy's comments on the Dungeons, you can run Dungeons with anyone. They do NOT need to be in the same faction as you. ( unless I am mistaken ) The only thing you can not take part in together, is PvP Daily style quests if you have two Clans going. I have been in group even with Blues during PvP questing, you will not be hindered from that aspect of things. Communication is probably the hardest part about the two Clans, since you will not see Clan chat for the other side. But if you guys are in Devout, Vent, Mumble, what have you, it will really not make that big of a difference. Just yesterday, we where running Blue alts through 24 man Poh on our mains.
  10. yes yes, have heard the stories........
  11. Meh, Whisper me in game, I will try and help you guys find one, or round up my Clan to do some extra PvP to keep Blues ( or Reds ) busy while you guys get your's done. But becomes much easier to get them done depending on where you are on the upgrade weapon and soul shield. If you are not atleast in Mistywoods PvP Soul shield, and a 265+ weapon, yeah, it is gonna be rough if you even get hit one vs one Tried to message ya a few times over the weekend, always auto responce of "This person is not online, or is in an area not able to recieve whispers"
  12. You do not need to level an alt toon to 45 to hold the red clan AC. Just saying that is what a few of us are doing atm. Some people, like myself power level their main, and yeah run out of stuff to do. Leveling an alt, seemed like common sense, since I do like to get into the PvP scene, and take part. I started leveling my Des because I was having issues fighting them in PvP, so wanted to learn what their abilities consisted of, and how to defeat them on my Sin. Only difference this time around, is that I made this toon Blue instead of Red. Same goes with my Summoner. I was unaware of the Faction side name lock till I did some searching on the official forums, is why I posted it up. I know of a few guilds that did switch sides, and all of them did it in the matter I listed. RoC is an example ( guild from PWI ) that started Red side, where named RoC. They decided to switch to Blue, and named the new guild RoC Blue. They still have the original being held by an alt of the guild leader. Because as Demo pointed out a few posts back, things will settle and change, regardless what people say now. The people that are currently Blue, and are there to PvP, are not going to stay Blue if things do not change. They want PvP not Zerg'ing. And thus, in time, will trickle Red, so they have a challenge. So yeah, it will be a influx for time to come, and why I believe they put in place the ability to change factions in Blade and Soul. You will always have die hards wanting the most challenge they can muster up, the mid PvP players ( like myself ) that are there to PvP but do not swap to advantage, just, and lastly, the hoppers that will swap sides to gain the most advantage when ever possible. ( please do not read into me saying anyone here in any one of those listed, just stating out my point of view in terms of MMO players in general ) As to the mats AC, it is a toss up. The soulshards are needed period. In upgrading your Hongmoons items, any sort of high level crafting, they are needed. So I fully understand why some of Drow may have dropped to switch sides in order to pick up the soulshards. They are rewarded in a pair, or a sack with 1-4 for every PvP daily quest. The amount you need for crafting alone, is heavy and up there. Most crafting items you can not achieve enough soul shards per day, to make the needed SUB mats to craft the item. To my knowledge, there is only one other quest you can complete as a daily, that gives you soul shards. And that is only two per day. ( Exiles daily fyi ) Anyways, just trying to hand you as much info as I can, and also trying to help ya not shoot yourself in the foot Tal
  13. Oh yeah, One last tid bit of info. You will NOT be able to rename the Blue Clan Drow. Even if you delete your Red Clan Drow, it will be faction locked to Red side for one year. My suggestion, is to make a second Clan like I listed above, name it something close, and leave an alt in charge of the lesser Faction Clan, not delete it, in case it is of further use later
  14. To the best of my knowledge AC, this is how it would have to work. You would first have to make a second Clan after swapping to Blue. Once this is in place, invite people as they are able to swap from Red to Blue to the new Clan. ( this will probably not be an instant thing, as Blue is normally full, or has only a few slots ) Here is what Myth ( my current Clan in B&S ) has addressed the situation. We have two Clans going. One Blue, one Red. Both Clans are run by the same members, just alts are currently in Blue, where as everyone's mains are in Red. We switch back and forth between characters, to get the dailies done. Normally as a Clan, we try and get most of the dailies done, and this seems to work out best for us. ( see my post prior about running and how to run everyone in the same shard ) Sometimes, one or more people swap to an alt to allow for a quick Kill other Faction members Daily. The way this is currently working, is allowing us to full fill the PvP dailies at least once, if not a second time, and transfer most of the mats to the main or whatever character is in need of the crafting mats. Hope this helps out ^^ Tal
  15. Sent this to AC in a PM, figure I would post it up here also to make things a bit more easier ( in hopes ) Doing the PvP dailies, is key for a few factors. ( although I laugh about them being called PvP dailies, since there is only really one PvP quest ) The soul stones, are heavily rewarded for doing these quests ( two per quest, or RNG amount in the bag ) but this is NOT the only place to obtain the soul stones. Exiles rewards it for it's daily, but yes, for sure faster through the PvP Dailies. Getting your members of Drow together, is going to lead the biggest success rate on getting them done quickly and with as little problems from the Blue strike teams as possible. Here where the suggests that I gave AC, in getting these done. Search out a few shards with members before you start. Locate one with the Dragon down, and with out some of the key Blue Guilds present. The more you PvP or do these dailies, the more you will get use to who to look out for. Do these search outs in PvE outfits, with as little notice as you can make to yourself. Once you find a decent shard to run it in, speak about it in Guild Chat ( NOT Faction Chat ) and start inviting away from the PvP zone, in short order, the Shard will fill, and you will not be able to have Drow members move to said Shard ( example shard 9 ) once this happens, everyone in Shard 9 drop the groups made, and start inviting Drow members that are not in the shard yet, to your group. When you accept an invite from a squad leader in another shard, it will ask you if you want to move to the leader's shard. Continue doing this until a. shard will no longer accept anyone ( even fresh invites to the group ) b. all of Drow is in the same shard Once the two above or one of the two are above are met, THEN say in Faction chat your intent ( your choice to inform Faction chat, it will get to Blue one way or another you guys are there ) The reason for informing Faction Chat, is because other Reds WILL try, and continue to try to zone in once you announce you are going to Shard 9. Yes, there are spies in both factions informing where each Faction is trying to farm. More so, in the Blue. The more people you get into your Shard ( Red Faction ) the less Blue Strike teams can assemble and mess with you. Have done this on a number of different days, and times, to allow for PvP and Farm groups to get things done. It is rather effective, but do keep in mind, the more you PvP in the shard ( in this case Shard 9 ) the more attention you are going to get from Blue. They do things a lot different then Red side. Their Strike Teams ask other blue players to leave the shard that is being farmed, to make room for their Strike Teams to get into the shard and stop Red from Farming. So keep this in mind. Key things from the PvP Quests in Mistywoods and area Soul Stones for gearing Insign farming for your PvP Soul Shield ( arguably the BiS for most PvE as well )