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  1. @Grizz
  2. They're trying to get as many people hooked as possible right before the DLC drops
  3. @Grizz
  4. 3.0 was moved from Evocati to first wave of PTU testers. We should see 3.0 go "live" by the end of the year.
  5. Can you throw me invite privileges? There's 2 or 3 old drow members from WS days that are playing and want an invite. Or I can throw you their names, either way. Thanks!
  6. Nevermind, I found it. Accept me pls, I don't know what I'm doing in this game atm
  7. @Maelfus Oh pick me! Pick me! How do I send a fucking clan invite?
  8. Based on my prelim testing, this is the patch to get involved with this game if you have not already. They have finally justified the cost associated with getting "early access". That said, there's a lot of work that still needs to be done between now and live. But the outlook from my point of view is 8/10. Will post updates as I continue.
  9. The biggest patch in the game thus far has been released to early testers (Evocati). This includes planetary landing, updated patching, and quite a few other features. I'll compile notes during my playtime and update you guys as soon as NDA is lifted. Will also give insight as to whether or not 3.0 actually is the patch they said it would be, and whether or not this is the time to get into the game (if you haven't already). Cheers.
  10. Just saw my name tagged on this. SC has had no movement this year. We're expecting 3.0 alpha this month, will update if/when there's any movement.
  11. Rofl - I have hung up my raiding hat, unfortunately. Glad to see the oldies are still sticking around though!
  12. Wtf is this list - Grizz, Fuhma, Nav, Mali, Nano, I heard all of these people were dead
  13. This is the big patch from CIG that the players have been waiting for. In my opinion, this is the patch that finally makes the game "worth playing". Sincerely recommend keeping an eye on updates as this patch progresses - they're aiming for periodic releases throughout 2017, starting as early as June. Full schedule and announcement here: As I've mentioned to those of you interested about the game - this is the patch that will make the game worthy of the early access costs. Will include (but not limited to): Planetary Landings (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) New moon bases to explore/land on Character Customization Ship releases (highly anticipated ships to come) Shopping/Cargo/Trade implemented Additional missions More Derelict Ships/Debris Fields to explore Alpha release of the "insurance" system will be out - this is how destroyed ships will be restored, etc. (really important to get a first look at this) Performance improvements Networking Optimizations (Stretch Goal) Delamar/Levski - New planet (Delamar), with major landing zone/port (Levski) I won't overhype the game, but there's some very big things to look forward to here. Get at me with questions, or if you want more clarification on these points (always happy to offer my opinion on whether or not anyone would like the game based on your interests). Cheers
  14. Another starter-pack sale is going on for the Holidays - lots left!
  15. Persistent Universe has been around for a few patches now, since around 2.0 Still not as "persistent" as it will be at release because there's no way to permanently steal ships, no cargo (yet), etc. But you can do loads in the current PU.