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  1. Anyone else gonna pick this up?
  2. Never gonna happen....
  3. I'm down to clown. I'm sure fakes will join too
  4. So everyone knows Grizz here and can take what he says with a little less salt... So Ore only reason you never got considered for main group was your BDO raid times conflicting on top of your class and time it took to level/gear. Now let's talk about current possibilites for the 2nd group because this was my worry that people would get upset and I didn't want to be looked at as one of the bad guys. Last night was a perfect example of sometimes people don't show up and others can and need to be brought in. Fuhma wasn't chosen for the "Main Group" but he was on and geared ready to go when called. So the point I wanna make is we need more then just 8 people for times when we are in a pinch like Rhuka being late. We cleared Turn 1-2 but it wasn't without its issues. Are DPS was still very low compared to most comps mine included. This game has some very hard Dps checks and they are just there to gate and seperate the good from the bad. No one person can make up for another's Dps just because it's hard enough to maintain and do there own minimum required Dps while doing the mechanics with current gear. Obviously each week eveything gets a little easier with gear creep and that will make it possible to carry 1-2 more under geared or performing members. I also know you guys don't wanna feel like you are being carried. So here's what I hope we can do and turn this all around to something positive. The 4-5 people who dont get in the first clears. If you are willing to wait till off raid times. There's 3-4 of us I know for a fact in the main group that are down to do 1 chest clears so you can get practice and work while also getting some gear but making sure it stays in guild witch pugging people gambles loot to be lost. This way we can point out and help you guys on the fights while also being able to point out what areas need to be improved on in a less critical way. Eventually time and practice your performance will be there and you can be brought into main group 2 chest clears. So first thing you can do to figure out if you can do this content is go hit a dummy and do a 5 minute parse and make sure you can even perform your rotation and sustain a minimum dps required for these encounters. Turn 1 requires 19k raid Dps Turn 2 requires 21k so at minimum Dps should maintain 3.5k for 1 and 2 then we get to Turn 3 what we are currently trying to start prog on 24k raid Dps required for 11 minute fight. I know I barely meet the dps requirement for it and still need to practice my Dps and rotation to not hold the group back. Turn 3-4 is gonna require 3.7-4k sustained for the Dps depending on class higher for others. Hopefully this puts some perspective to all this.
  5. FF14 Team for Stormblood will be happening. 5 of us are currently playing to get are toons quests/jobs up to date for the Xpac. You need help powerlvling Jobs/Crafts we are here to help. Also we would like to get a better idea of who will be apart of are 8man raid team. We'd like to have around 10 active raiders. Currently have 6 confirmed raiders from the Drow team that will be hitting this expansion hard at the launch. PM me or Metal for more info if you'd like. Lets make Drow Great Again and get a FF14 team going again of all Drow Members. I really don't wanna recruit at launch of Stormblood lol