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  1. I'm down to play as well!
  2. Sent a request @Maelfus if people are still planning on playing for the PC release.
  3. So far I really like what I've seen. Their developer live streams have been incredibly informative and fun to watch. It looks pretty promising. Something that did surprise me is when they were talking about death penalties. That's something I actually always hated in a lot of older MMO's and RPG's was the idea that the game needed to punish you for dying further than your death. I personally always felt dying was punishment enough in itself. I guess though if that's my biggest complaint so far, which currently is, then it's definitely in a better place than most MMO's I've been looking at coming up.
  4. So I watched quite a bit of it over the past week and, while it looks cool, I just don't know about this one. Perhaps I'm just being cynical from being burnt from Eastern MMO's being released over here, but it looks like a lot of the same stuff I've heard before. I just don't feel the longevity from what I'm hearing from people who played the foreign release already. Hopefully I'm wrong and it's great, but adding the F2P model does instantly strike some very negative chords for me.
  5. I'd totally be down. My best from each is Tracer, Widowmaker, Zarya, and Mercy. I typically play Defense and Tanks thought. Mei, Widowmaker, Hanzo, Zarya, Roadhog, D.Va I tend to play pretty regularly.
  6. No, shh, I'm helping.
  7. Ya, a guild chat or something would be nice. I'm pretty crap at communication so trying to keep track of everyone from everywhere is pretty bad for me.
  8. Definitely interested as well, but can't help being skeptical regardless. I definitely agree with ya here. Some of the original ideas in MMO's haven't aged very well. The long attunement quests though never really bothered me, or at least not all of them. Perhaps they should be account bound though instead of per character? The Karazhan key in Burning Crusade made a lot of sense to me for example. Only 1 person in the raid actually had to do it, but the process to getting the key was actually fun. But I understand say the Onyxia attunement in Vanilla WoW, a quest chain i enjoyed, but getting 40 people to do it was harder than Onyxia herself.
  9. Anybody actually playing this? I've been playing pretty nonstop since launch. If anyone wants to play feel free to add me, Zerbraxi#1304.
  10. I've been playing it for a bit here and there and it's definitely different. Perhaps a lot of the issues I have with it are purely because there's much less direction than most MMO's out there now. I've actually really grown to like it honestly. Feels kind of good being able to just derp around this world and do really random stuff and still get some sort of reward for it. Biggest hurdle I had was getting used to the fact that questing doesn't seem to be the path to level. Had a couple friends convince me to start doing fishing and hiring workers and stuff and I was able to efficiently skip a large chunk of the grind people are running into. Definitely doesn't entirely excuse the issue but at least there is an option out.
  11. Just hit ya up. Also gonna be trying Blade and Soul and seeing how that's panning out as of late.
  12. Just started playing again when the expansion came out. Good to see others playing as well!
  13. I'm not sure how deep this hole actually went, but man I'm glad to have gone into it.