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  1. Give me all of that. now.
  2. Anthem looks cool, but biowares netcode is notoriously garbage, so we'll see. I'll definitely be picking it up for pc.
  3. look at something like the G752 from ASUS
  4. Or you could just do this
  5. Nice bonus from ASUS is the included accidental damage protection you get out of the box. 15 or 17" MSI support response tends to be better than ASUS, and ASUS is pretty cheap when it comes to compensating service techs.
  6. Some awesome new clan features coming in destiny 2. Really looking forward to this.
  7. Also, member badges aren't ridiculously oversized in member profiles anymore
  8. Happy Monday! We implemented a MUCH needed and much overdue forum update today that comes with a number of new things. Aside from security stuff, there is a whole host of new embed-able content options you can play with now. These should work automagically when you paste in a link from a supported site. As per usual, if you happen to find any bugs, issues etc, dont hesitate to contact @Cel or @Maelfus directly or post in:
  9. For those that are interested in picking up FFXIV's new expansion its about time to start catching up on the story quests to be ready for the expansion launch. We'll be putting together a group for new content when the expansions launches for some weekend raid runs. This will likely include raids for catching up on story stuff in advance of launch as well. Let us know if you're interested!
  10. I'll be putting together a group of people for this. Just have to figure out which system. Sort of leaning on PS4 because reasons, but PC is an actual option now. Looking for more dirty misfits.
  11. Going to wait on takers before giving the answer.
  12. What's the game like these days?
  13. moving this topic
  14. We dont really want to?
  15. Holy mother of Nexus Batman, congratulations boys. Go do work!