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  1. Hey Jimcy, Theres still a bunch of people around but you may want to check the discord link on the front page of the site. The forums arent too active these days, but it's always nice when it happens to catch on old friend.
  2. Yo @Kaizer why aren't you in our discord? How are you supposed to m'lady Reesi on the reg
  3. Take into account everything thats posted is subject to change yada yada yada
  4. The media emargo lifted today. Lots of information popping up. This'll give you a quick overview, some Youtubers have more detailed breakdowns.
  5. You could always hop in discord @Kaizer
  6. Welcome, Reesi! Reesi has had a long history with the organization stretching back as far as our days in Icecrown Citadel in World of Warcraft. Her many long years have earned her the respect of many in the organization. She currently leads our WoW team and its efforts to rebuild its Mythic raiding roster. Congratulations!
  7. Tentative. Too many moving parts rn.
  8. Congratulations to our FFXIV team for completing Sigmascape Savage this week with their kill of "Godka". I'm sure they are all looking forward to some much needed single night raid weeks until September. Good job team! You can find Nano's VOD of the kill below!
  9. I think Callie and I are doing disney on thursday. It'll be a first for me.
  10. This guild is all about necro-ing threads. Too many memories from too many years gone by. Glad you've found us here!
  11. FFXIV, MHW, Destiny 2 (May 8th) Need to work my way through Persona 5, Radiant Historia, FFXV (on PC) and some others.
  12. I have a room. 31-5th
  13. I've heard things about it, but not much
  14. yeah, will do