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  1. I think Callie and I are doing disney on thursday. It'll be a first for me.
  2. This guild is all about necro-ing threads. Too many memories from too many years gone by. Glad you've found us here!
  3. FFXIV, MHW, Destiny 2 (May 8th) Need to work my way through Persona 5, Radiant Historia, FFXV (on PC) and some others.
  4. I have a room. 31-5th
  5. I've heard things about it, but not much
  6. yeah, will do
  7. done and done. Welcome back brother.
  8. If you have put in an application to the Destiny clan that hasnt been accepted, its probably because I'm not familiar with the name. Let me know if your name doesnt match your forums stuff
  9. We will be in mumble most of the day playing.
  10. you bought it on the wrong console @Tilestiv
  11. oh.. Junit...
  12. For star citizen, you'll need to track down @Baelix. He's been the furthest into that end of things and I'm not sure what his plans are there. If you look earlier in the thread, there is a link to the clan for D2 and you can join via that. Once I can get feedback from some other WS peoples, I can approve the request.
  13. Raid opens 1 week after launch.
  14. Some notes about clan association: You can be in different clans per platform. If you want to play with us on PC, you'll need to attach your bnet account to your bungie id and join from that, EVEN IF YOU ARE ALREADY IN ON PSN. We'll be primarily organized around PC unless a significant chunk of people still intend on playing on PS4. I think that's all.