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    The Fate of DrowNewsBot

    By Maelfus,

    So a handful of comments have arisen lately about DrowNewsBot and its... uhh.... annoyance?  So I wanted to take a quick poll and see how many people actually use it vs how many people want it turfed.


    It's currently a carryover from the old forums and is fair game for removal if people don't use it.

    Drow Imbues Its 6th Artifact!

    By Baelix,

    They just keep on comin'!


    Congrats to Grizz Lee - Our 6th artifact holder, and 2nd Spellslinger!


    The Wildstar Team Finishes the Toughest Achievement in DS!

    By Baelix,

    Congrats to all of our Wildstar team!

    We finally completed the challenges for the "Divider of Zeros" title.


    It requires a full Immortal clear of DS, as well as EVERY challenge from every boss in the instance - including EACH individual pair combination! 

    15 in total!




    Drow Imbues Its 5th Artifact!

    By Baelix,

    Congratulations to our Officer on the Wildstar team - Nav Nav!

    Our first support weapon, fully completed by our Main Tank!


    Great job!



    Many news, handle it!

    By Maelfus,

    Lots of news to bring you today as we've been hard at work trying to sort out some of the things we've been throwing around in Core for a while.  I'll start with the most obvious being...


    All the new artwork!  Thanks to the wonderful Lauren Behan for doing that for us.  You'll see a new website banner, logo, new forum badges and default user image.  There are a few other things she's done for us as well that I'll be posting in the new members section for you to use in screenshots and twitch streams for branding.


    That brings me to the next point: All New Drow Membership!


    We've worked for a long time to try and find a way to recognize the people that have contributed to our teams over the years, and honestly, the simplest is the best.  We are creating a Drow Member group that anyone spending a significant amount of time with one of our teams is eligible to join.  We appreciate all the hard work that you put in to help make our teams successful, and we want you to be part of our community for the long term.  There are some basic rules attached for membership:



    Entry for Members

    1. Potential members must be part of an active team for a period of no less than 6 months.
    2. Entry after this point is contingent on approval by their team leader.
    3. Members from retired/inactive teams looking for entry will require one Core Member's sponsorship.

    Grounds for Dismissal

    1. Not demonstrating organizational values (acting like a twat-waffle) as expected from acting teams members.
    2. Leaving an active team for a competing team unless leaving on good terms.  Judgement is left to the team leader.
      • Eg. Members looking for different raid times or a much different raiding schedule


    We'll post the initial entrants once we have a full list available.


    We have also set up a new Discord server for Drow.  Though it could technically replace mumble as a voice client, we've found that it's not quite reliable enough for our raid teams, but as a social platform for chatting, its a great, simple, multiplatform place to keep in touch when you are away from the game.  You can jump in by following this link: https://discord.gg/0cAC1D7e2XRZKXD7


    We also have a new Diablo 3 clan and Steam Group for those interested as the old ones are still being managed by the dope that forced us to split.


    As allways, feel free to leave comments and feedback below!

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