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    Mythic Nythendra Flushed, 1/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare

    By Cel,

    Another year and another WoW expansion. Mythic raiding in World of Warcraft: Legion started this week, and 1 boss is down in our first night on mythic. Good work everyone, now on to the rest of the nightmare creatures.



    The Drow FF14 Team is Looking for People to Raid!!

    By Cel,

    Hello Everyone. Since the closing of the Wildstar team, there have been a few members of that team that have been playing FF14. At this time, I would like to announce that the team is currently looking for more people who are interested in raiding. This team will be a casual team under the Drow banner and it currently resides on the Adamantoise server. If anyone is interested, please contact Sanatarium, Ufalicious, or Grizz here on the forums. Or, you can contact them in game @Metal Militia and @Afu Afu. Good luck guys!!


    Here is a picture of Ufa and Metal on top of our mansion for incentive:ffxiv_08202016_141114.png.98f389b0eb9812

    Redmoon Terror CONFIRMED for August 2016!

    By Baelix,

    After a long 2 year period of no additional raid content, Carbine has OFFICIALLY confirmed that Redmoon Terror (RMT) will be released this August!


    Very exciting times ahead for all involved - keep your eye out for Drow nabbing some top rank kills!

    Find out more here: http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/news/2016-06-27-hero-hyper-jump/



    Drow clears Wildstar - Hardmentors Down!

    By Baelix,

    Took us 4.5 months, ~550 pulls, and a tiny pinch of help from our friends in World Last - but we've finally completed every single piece of current content in Wildstar!
    Great work from everyone!




    Drow 13/13 Mythic, Hellfire Citadel & WoD Xpack Completed

    By Cel,

    Finally, many months behind after months of 1-2 day raid weeks and finally pulling things together to buckle down and finish out Mannoroth and Archimonde, Drow has finally completed Mythic Hellfire Citadel. We endured both a <1% wipe and a wipe at 1 HP because the boss is immune to damage during an ability cast. This is totally not utter bullshit, said Blizzard. Anyway, look for us to return better, faster, and stronger in Legion! We are recruiting, check the Join Drow link above.



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