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Submit Questions for the Developers
We have our first interview in a long time coming up at Blizzcon and as always, we want to let the community ask questions! This time our interview will be covering the design of Legion.

If you have any questions you think we should ask, be sure to add them to the comments of the linked post for consideration. We will pick the best questions and add them to our list!

  • Don't post any questions in the comments of this news post. Use the linked topic instead.
  • These should be questions about Legion, not Warlords of Draenor.
  • No class specific questions please. This includes things like balance between the different healing/tank/DPS classes and specs.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Any chance you're onstage for panels at BlizzCon this year Dave? Loved you the other year and hope to see you again this year!
None of the main stage panels, although I'll probably sit in on the voiceover panel again this year. Thank you! (DaveKosak)

Character / Items
for my own sanity, could u pls confirm that droprate for Medallion of the Legion was not nerfed in 6.2.2? Not seen it in weeks
There have been no changes to its drop rate since Tanaan went live with 6.2. (WarcraftDevs)

Please fix Legendary Ring's explosion getting wasted during Soul Capacitor trinket procs.
How is it wasted? Your contribution should get captured and amplified further by Soul Capacitor. (WarcraftDevs)

why don't you let us use the (repair) mount in both Socrethar and Tyrant arenas?
In general, you can only mount outdoors – those areas both are fully enclosed. Engineers can drop Jeeves wherever, of course. (WarcraftDevs)

So what did folks who played and watched think of 6v6? (holinka)
6v6 format works well, enjoyable to watch and looks like great fun to play. Few thoughts though... large buff icons on name plates is annoying, especially when you have players clumped up. possibly allow BL/TW in 6v6, hard for loser to comeback and this should help without being OP. possibly making some maps that suit 6v6, would be awesome.
Thank you for your thoughts. (holinka)
I like objective based better than arena for sure. Matches can get decided a little early on control points however.
Yea control point maps play no better with 6 than they do with 10 sadly (holinka)

Have you considered 4v4?i mean why did you missed the 4s as bracket i can't see it being more unbalanced than 2s but can be fun tho
2 healers 2 dps. yuck (holinka)

Life Tap is surrounded by what seems to be fel energy, so my Q is: Is fel power converted life force?
The way I would describe it: Fel is chaotic energy. Warlocks convert life into fel, draining the victim as a source of power. (DaveKosak)

The most challenging part of game development is getting people to stop playing Overwatch. (Muffinus)

overwatchmini.pngOverwatch - Beta Coming to Europe on October 27
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
UPDATE (October 23, 2015): We were able to complete setup and testing of our beta servers for Europe sooner than anticipated. As a result, we're happy to report that we will be launching the Overwatch Closed Beta in both the Americas and Europe gameplay regions on October 27.

Warcraft Movie and Technology
IGN has a short interview with Ben Foster (Medivh) about the Warcraft movie.

Fan Art Update
The World of Warcraft Fan Art Section has been updated with ten new pieces of fan artwork.

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