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Mumble vs Discord

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Hi All,


Been hearing some rumbling recently regarding Mumble vs Discord and why we’re still continuing to use Mumble in 2018. I wanted to address some of those concerns and let you know part of what has influenced our decision thus far.


Mumble is open source software, currently we’re hosted through a 3rd party provider but we have considered what it would cost to move it to a cloud VPS instead. This means that we’re able to have exclusive control of the server itself and the only data it would log would be joins and disconnects from the server. Mumble uses encryption certificates to encrypt all communications. It also has the lowest latency of any of the common VoIP clients.


Discord on the other hand is not a self-hosted service, so it’s run through Discord’s corporate servers. In the wake of the Facebook scandal earlier this year, that’s no small thing. They claim they do not collect or share user data, but their terms and conditions do allow them to do so. There’s also the fact that they are owned by venture capital firms, who have to be expecting to turn a profit somehow, likely involving telemetry and user data. Additionally while they claim voice communications are encrypted, this is not something that we have any control over. Additionally, from an administration perspective, while it has improved a lot since the beginning there is still a level of detail in control that Mumble gives the admins vs Discord.


As you can see since you’re reading this, we have a Discord. You’re welcome to use it for whatever you see fit. It’s not going away anytime soon. This is just the reasoning as to why we’re likely to continue utilizing Mumble, at least from my perspective, for the near future.


Thanks for reading.

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