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Star Citizen Sale (x-post for visibility)

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Star Citizen is having its yearly "Anniversary Sale" to celebrate the last day of their crowdfunding on Kickstarter.
As such, they do all kinds of ship sales that allow you purchase ships that aren't normally available year-round.
In addition to that, they are selling the game packages at a discounted rate on Nov. 26th starting at 1pm PST. 
These packages will get you full access to the game, full access the Alpha, and a ship (or two) to fly around and customize.
If you were thinking about backing the game before release, but don't want to shell out $60+, then now is your chance.
No confirmation on the price points yet, but last year they were $20-$30.


In addition, patch 2.6 is expected to release by the end of this year. That will include the "Star Marine" FPS game-mode, which looks fantastic.

These packages get you full access to everything in the alpha. 


If you're still waiting for a fully fleshed out, zero-bug, "complete package" game - now is not the time to purchase.

(I would wait until the official release of 3.0 in the alpha, or the official release of the game as a whole.)


However, if you want access to the game in it's current and all future states, this is the time to do it.
Feel free to bug me if you have questions!

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