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Briefly, Camelot Unchained aka "Dark Age of Camelot 2" (...meets Minecraft on steroids - see the video below) is PvP/building/crafting MMORPG by Mark Jacobs. Or you can check it's IGN Wiki - with the update that budget is close to $8M BUT beta hasn't started yet...or Camelot Unchained reddit, handy for asking questions or just learning about the game, including some bad things - https://www.reddit.com/r/CamelotUnchained/

The game has 100% free form building, and it will matter a lot for the economy and especially for control and defense of conquered territories. Video below was made this May by Necromaniak, one of players in alpha tests:



Avatar and the environment in that vid are placeholders from 2013 (and same goes for practically any footage available out of the NDA), this is one of recent updates:



Couple more details - beta should start in a month or two (but it was delayed earlier...), the game will have box price and sub (~$10), beta 1 backers (~$60 pledge) have access to both C.U.B.E. ( building tool - http://camelotunchained.com/v3/c-u-b-e/ ) and some current (alpha) test sessions AND the game certainly won't launch before second half of 2017 - of course, this is not official...yet.

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