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Recruitment Status, Guidelines, and Applying

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Recruitment Status

Ranged DPS:

  • Moonkin
  • Warlock


Melee DPS: 

  • Death Knight
  • Demon Hunter
  • Windwalker Monk

Recruitment Guidelines

About Us

Drow is an Alliance guild on the Doomhammer realm. We are dedicated to end-game PvE raid progression on a schedule for working adults. All systems in the guild from loot, raid invites, and everything else are designed with the goal of prioritizing Mythic raid progression. We like to have fun while we're doing this, but make decisions with progression as the primary metric for success. 

Our reputation is important to us. You must understand the significance of maintaining professionalism in the public eye - from forum conduct to your behavior in-game. Drow as an organization has a long-standing tradition of excellence in gaming, and this team fosters excellence.

Team chemistry is paramount. We spend a lot of time playing this game, and we want Drow to be an environment in which we enjoy spending that time. We take our guild's cohesion seriously, and we believe that it is often the single most important force behind our team's progression. Consequently, we want raiders who can cooperate with their fellow raiders and behave as part of an overall team, rather than those who prioritize their own numbers and success over the success of the team. Fitting in with our team as a group is as important as being able to perform at our level in game.

Drow has consistently attained many highly ranked kills over the years. We were the only Alliance guild on Doomhammer to complete Naxx 40 before Burning Crusade, we finished Sunwell ranked US 10th, we achieved US 11th Heroic Ragnaros and US 20th Heroic Sha of Fear. We have reduced our raid days and hours from those days, but our player skill has not diminished, and we intend to continue our history of success throughout Warlords of Draenor and beyond.


Loot is distributed by a merit-based officer loot council. We award loot based on many factors including raid attendance, raid performance, seniority (how long you've been in the guild, not your rank), and previous loot received. We have a complex and extensive attendance/loot tracking system that helps to insure our decisions are based on the metrics we value and are unbiased.

Guild Progression is #1 when it comes to distributing loot.

Raid Times

Our raid times are 6:30pm - 9:30pm (PDT) Tuesday and Wednesday. Everyone should be ready to raid by 6:45 PM PDT


  • Above and beyond, you must be able to perform in situations where others are counting on you to do your job, while maintaining a "can-do" attitude throughout an exhausting night of progression raiding.


  • You must know your class inside and out, and showcase that knowledge viaperformance. We use tools such as Warcraft Logs, and we review the data we collect with those tools regularly to ensure that our successes are not a fluke, and that our raid performance is consistently improving.


  • Your character must be optimized to reach its full potential! That means utilizing Top-tier gems, enchantments, consumables, or anything else that might give you an edge in a raiding environment!


  • Having extensive raid experience is pretty much mandatory. Ideally we want experienced raiders who have seen the game inside and out, and who have experienced the scope of WoW raiding as it has changed through the years.


  • Experience being essential, so is raid-worthy gear. If you cannot step in and perform at our standards immediately, you cannot help us achieve our goals. Gear is an indicator of the commitment you have to being prepared and to playing your class to its fullest.


  • You must be responsible enough to study encounters. With that said, come prepared for raids with whatever consumables and knowledge you'll need to enhance your performance. Ultimately you'll need a conceptual understanding of the mechanics behind raiding, as opposed to memorization of dance steps.


  • You should be vocal! Don't hesitate to ask questions, and don't hesitate to give suggestions. We want active members who contribute to the community. You should never be afraid to tell us what's on your mind, or to share information you stumble upon.


  • Members are expected to maintain a 90%+ raid attendance. Do not apply if you can't commit to our schedule.

What We Offer

Ultimately Drow provides an environment in which progression-minded players have the opportunity to advance in the "End Game" of WoW. We host a professional but relaxed atmosphere where mature players have the opportunity to maximize their character's potential, without being subject to screaming 12-year-old raid leaders or humorless drones.

Our aim is to enrich that environment with those seeking a long-term home in which to invest their time and energy.

Contact Us

Contact Kater in game or via @ Kater#1243 or send a forum PM to Kater or Cel.


Post application in the WoW Recruitment section of the forums. Title Application "Your name - Class/role". All posts in the recruitment section are private and can only be viewed by yourself, guild members and officers. You will need to register a forum account and confirm the e-mail address it is tied to in order to view that forum and make posts there. I recommend checking the "Remember Me" box as well to prevent being logged out while completing your application.

Application Template

Character Name: 

Character Class: 

WowArmory Profile: 

Link to your guild's WarcraftLogs/WoL parses:

Screenshot link to your raid UI (In Combat): 

First Name:



Time Zone:

What is the best way for us to contact you?

How long have you been playing the character that you're applying with and what raiding experience do you have with it?

Are you able to play an off-spec? If so, how proficient are you at it?

From a learning standpoint, which encounter has been the most difficult for you. Why?

Which encounter(s) do you feel your class/spec is the weakest. Why?

List your alts and what raiding experience you have with them:

Discuss your PvP/Arena experience briefly. What - if anything - has it taught you about WoW?

Former guilds (Explain why you left your most recent guild):

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to join Drow-WoW?

I have read the Recruitment Guidelines post by Cel in the Public Recruiting forum?

Thanks for considering Drow.

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