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  2. As a hunter, my favorite part is Cayde going all golden gun, like "Hang on fam, I've got this"
  3. both of my copies are paid for now.. I dont really want to talk about how much I've spent on D2 already PS: along hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng at that video. I've done all that content, but I want to do it moooooooooooooooore
  4. Will be stoked to play with you.
  5. Will be getting this for PC. Can't wait
  6. Earlier
  7. I think my ISP canceled my Internet in preparation for the move. I am trying to get a hold of them, but I can't understand all of their Korean. I will have to have my boss talk with them when I go to work. Don't want to seem like I am bailing on the first Exdeath night or something - Poon
  8. It's a centralized mesh network, it's not actually P2P but it's definitely not dedicated servers either. The game capture restriction only applies to full screen games, and may not be included in the final game (I'm leaning towards yes though).
  9. I feel once you played it with friends you will love it, something to do when you get bored with other games for sure. --also know Wolf has it
  10. source plz
  11. Rofl - I have hung up my raiding hat, unfortunately. Glad to see the oldies are still sticking around though!
  12. So ahh P2P for multiplayer on pc...LOL no game capture for OBS or mumble discord overlays. bungie is on point lol
  13. I'm down to clown. I'm sure fakes will join too
  14. Honestly, I thought the idea of having the 3rd team fell apart the day after you pulled us aside, when it was decided to not have 2 midweek teams, and iirc I didn't hear much about it afterwards. Based on this though, I guess that I was making an incorrect assumption. Fuhma, I'm willing to come raid in the 3rd group and help you manage it however you need.
  15. I am starting this thread to try and step up for a 3rd group. A majority of those not in one of two current groups will miss out on potential gear and upgrade items which ultimately will cause those players to progress at a much slower pace. They will be less equipped to help other guild mates out in this content if the need should arise. Ore, if u or anyone else is interested in that then let me know. Pull me to the side in mumble and I'm more than happy to discuss it. As far as raid times are concerned. I won't have anything definite to say until I know who I have to work with.
  16. i joined a static group, and can find people that way if dont want to recruit for the FC. The static only goes tues/thurs and this week we may clear o2s, late start for some so if want to do o3s this weekend i'm down. What i've noticed is FC aka guilds are kind of a joke for people in this game which i've never experienced in an MMO.
  17. Pretty much this. I have pulled a few of you aside, mainly You, Nano, and even Nav to try and get someone to step up and start the group. I have offered, just like Maelfus did, to help recruit people for you all as well. It's just really hard for us to help if there is nobody who is gonna take the lead in getting people going. But, with this thread, it seems like you are willing to step up Fuhma. Let us know what we can do to help man.
  18. Honestly, the big thing we need is for someone to take charge of a 3rd group. We can help to find you some consistent extra bodies, but organizing times and such needs someone to step forward.
  19. I just wanted to see where people are in terms of a group and hopefully to help more guildmates get gear. I know we won't have a full group but we'll have enough to at least get us one chest per week which is going to help us continue through the content much easier. Please reply to the post and let me know if you're not part of Metal's static so we can start something and get each other loot.
  20. I keep thinking about buying it. I have like $15 in steam credit from bitcoin that I converted to wallet funds. Played it for an hour or so at work awhile back testing it on someone's PC.
  21. I've watched a couple streams, but never played it myself. Poke at me when I'm bored and I'd probably buy it and play a few games with ya.
  22. aka.. Playerunknown Battlegrounds. If anyone else is playing hmu i'm looking for more people to play with!
  23. You're doing fine. I've been in your shoes many times. I don't envy you at all. AC is consistently trying to encourage Mali and I to take over a team or be a leader in any game. One of the reasons we don't want to do it anymore is because of what you are going through right now. The only advice I can give is keep doing what you're doing and know that no matter how hard you work at it, you will never make everyone happy. So do what makes you happy and if people wanna jump on board, they will. It's kinda like that asshole raid leader. Everyone hates him but they stay with him because he's good at raid leading and content dies.
  24. I'm not trying to single anyone out, those are just the overall issues going on right now. There are a lot of factors going on that make forming a team in this game a fucking nightmare. Certainly I came off as a dickhead I'm sure, but I like everyone currently playing FF14, even that kiwi fuck Ufa. There is actually no one I've run into in all of Drow that I actively want to avoid to be honest. In the end it's just a game after all, the people are the important part. I wish the raid size was bigger and allowed more wiggle room for class duplicates, that would help a lot in and of itself. The class balance this x-pack seems pretty good, but there are GLARING outsiders to that as well and thats not helping. I've been discussing rolling an alt, like as in a completely new character and all the main story quest bullshit that comes with it, just to raid again with others I enjoy playing with and keep the loot availability for them too. I'm thinking of doing a bard, but we'll see. Obviously that would be an off-night thing but that's really all I can personally offer to help fix some of whats going on.
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