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  4. Hi All, Been hearing some rumbling recently regarding Mumble vs Discord and why we’re still continuing to use Mumble in 2018. I wanted to address some of those concerns and let you know part of what has influenced our decision thus far. Mumble is open source software, currently we’re hosted through a 3rd party provider but we have considered what it would cost to move it to a cloud VPS instead. This means that we’re able to have exclusive control of the server itself and the only data it would log would be joins and disconnects from the server. Mumble uses encryption certificates to encrypt all communications. It also has the lowest latency of any of the common VoIP clients. Discord on the other hand is not a self-hosted service, so it’s run through Discord’s corporate servers. In the wake of the Facebook scandal earlier this year, that’s no small thing. They claim they do not collect or share user data, but their terms and conditions do allow them to do so. There’s also the fact that they are owned by venture capital firms, who have to be expecting to turn a profit somehow, likely involving telemetry and user data. Additionally while they claim voice communications are encrypted, this is not something that we have any control over. Additionally, from an administration perspective, while it has improved a lot since the beginning there is still a level of detail in control that Mumble gives the admins vs Discord. As you can see since you’re reading this, we have a Discord. You’re welcome to use it for whatever you see fit. It’s not going away anytime soon. This is just the reasoning as to why we’re likely to continue utilizing Mumble, at least from my perspective, for the near future. Thanks for reading.
  5. Lisa, I am working more room options, and I have not given up on finding a way to keep those rooms. Bottom line is it may be tight, but I do not foresee the room situation to be super cramped (i.e. someone on the floor). Tile
  6. Hmm I didn't even think of Thursday I suppose that could work too. Honestly I wouldn't mind going Friday or Saturday night either or whenever seems good for most I just assumed most would want to be at the convention during the day and would be tired of walking around by night. As for Agi I am sure you could crash in one of our rooms if it was to happen Sunday night. I suppose we would have to see how the rooming situation is going to be like though since right now it may be a bit cramped with the loss of Tile's army friend.
  7. I think Callie and I are doing disney on thursday. It'll be a first for me.
  8. I'm down for checking out Disneyland, just I have to check out of my room on Sunday, so I won't be able to come if this is too late in the day.
  9. That's a bummer. I prefer having an actual bed but I'm no stranger to floors or crappy rollout beds lol. Overall I don't mind being crunched into a room or finding another option close as long as we don't have to uber everywhere. PS: Anyone down for like a Sunday Disney adventure? On the spot "hey you want to pay a couple hundred to go?" has proven to result in maniacal laughing so figured I'd ask now to plan ahead.
  10. Welp Ephereral fantasia won, will do another after i beat this thanks for all ye help
  11. right now i am sticking to games i have manually backed up, and PS2
  12. please vote i am very undicisive
  13. I prefer non-snoring people so I can get sleep otherwise I am an angry person?
  14. Hi All, Looks like my military friend is backing out of Blizzcon. This means two things: 1 - Unless we can find another US government employee (to include civil service) we will lose two rooms. Now, we can get tight and close with the rooms we have or 2 - Find other options - Kater found Desert Palms Hotel & Suites Anaheim Resort is 200 a night. Aggy offered the floor in his room since he has one bed. All my rooms do have rollaways, so that's potentially 5 people per room. Post thoughts here.
  15. How many people are planning on arriving 31 Oct (Wed?) I currently have two rooms at the SpringHill Suites for one night, then move to Marriott at convention Center. Need to know to determine if I keep one or both (one is a suite with bunk beds...says kids bunk beds, but should be fine!)
  16. apperently Nope, alot of people are refunding
  17. How's the game? Wondering if I should give it a try.
  18. @here bless server is Lilyanthes, says agy
  19. You go on Steam, click "Add to Cart", then click "Checkout" I'll be out buying it when the servers go up, just gotta make sure we all end up on the same server.
  20. I plan to Nano. In theory.
  21. I think there will be about 5 folks. Although I am still not sure how to actually buy it...
  22. Anyone going to be planning when servers open?
  23. thanks
  24. I may or may not play man. But, even if I do, I believe you are more than capable to stay GM man. <3
  25. if ye end up playing ac, and if i can and you want me to i can pass ya the lead in guild
  26. imma play both this and bless
  27. ya anyone can just send me a message and i can get them an invite, and i will make sure they follow our guidlines
  28. I have an account and bought the founders pack as well. As far as I know, I still have a spare key. But, with Bless coming out, I will probably play that more than Dauntless. I have not really played since closed Beta.
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