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  1. Last week
  2. That'd mean I'd have homework
  4. everything? inc hookers
  5. Count me in and of course iam down for just about everything.
  6. Earlier
  7. Yes to Vegas No to the Back Door Boys
  8. I'd rather go to a Trump rally.
  9. i'm in
  10. I'll be in Vegas. Getting my own room though.
  11. Tentative. Too many moving parts rn.
  12. IM GOING TO BACK STREET. If I can get tickets.
  13. I'm down for Cirque. Never seen one of those shows, it should be fun.
  14. yes. and cirque. I needs it.
  15. Team Drow! It is time to plan our Vegas escape (to) plan! We are initially thinking March, possibly April for dates. If you have preference please post here. If there is a particular event please post here. Some ideas: cirque du soleil - any of the shows Michael Jackson ESPORTS Arena at the Luxor (a lot of fun and we can our own room) Shooting Range (Fully Automatic weapons as well) Awesome Food Awesome Friends Post below if interested so I can start getting head count for rooms! Cheers, Tile
  16. Pretty sure mines updated but apparently I cant access the Doc anymore
  17. Blizzcon is soon, so please check the link and update arrival/departure information. I need to know who is coming in Wed. I have two rooms at spring hill suites for just wed night. I need to know if i need both or not.
  18. We wouldn't know. They elected to mothball the organization as they saw it ( and associated servers) rather than make some changes that actively playing/participating leadership felt was necessary to keep up with the gaming landscape and user base.
  19. I was just wondering about you the other day kainzo. Someone from EQ days asked me about Drow/etc just now so I searched and found this. What's the old crew been up to? mIstabone, Doc, etc?
  20. i will be spending much time with it, after having spent much time with it on ps4
  21. Too busy playing Slay the Spire. :>
  22. I'm in the "if I have time" camp. I've got a bunch of shit to do this week, then BFA starts on Monday, so I doubt I'll have the free time to sit down and play it, but if I do, I'll probably pick it up.
  23. Anyone planning on playing the pc version when it comes out tomorrow?
  24. Amazing! Congratz all!
  25. Congrats guys!!!!
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