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  2. Hey Jimcy, Theres still a bunch of people around but you may want to check the discord link on the front page of the site. The forums arent too active these days, but it's always nice when it happens to catch on old friend.
  3. hey folks. Its been for friggin ever since ive posted or even stopped by. Its been a hectic last few years for me. I gave in and bought a laptop a couple weeks ago and been taking time to dabble around here and there. Im mostly just messing around with Eve and getting my main acct there back to training. I havent even undocked him yet in 3 weeks lol. I also been messing around with WoW again for the first time since Cata xpac. My DK is L60 and im just screwing around doing dailies and quest lines. ive done i think 3 dungeons so far in Shadowlands. Whats everyone up to these days? My response time might be sporadic at best but ill try to pop in once in a while. Some of you may still have my cell #, feel free to drop a text if you want.
  4. Whoa kainzo! How have you been? what MMos are people playing still? Just got a gaming g PC again after 10+ years. Thought about going back and checking out WoW or EQ again lol -Lazerik <Brotherhood of the Spider> EQ Paladin -Sychotik WoW Hunter
  5. Fitten = Gromm??? Been so long I just dont remember... Sorry for bumpin an old post
  6. I really feel like they should have locked the forums and kept them as memories - there's a lot of lost history from Everquest and various games now. Does anyone know where Emil is these days?
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