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  3. heres a link i use to get it going
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  5. About 23 mins of raw gameplay in 4k. Also Nathan Fillion AND Gina Torres together again.
  6. that video looks controller controlled
  7. Give me all of that. now.
  8. I'd do that, but a proper 4k monitor costs $900, so not gonna bother with 4k just yet.
  9. Yeah watching it at 4k fps @ 60 hz on a 4k monitor definitely makes PC feel like the proper choice.
  10. Anthem looks cool, but biowares netcode is notoriously garbage, so we'll see. I'll definitely be picking it up for pc.
  11. Not gonna lie, I checked that shit out this morning and it looks fucking awesome. If they do dungeons and raids right it could be a win for sure.
  12. Yup. It's okay though. Anthem looks to be a better version of Destiny 2 in the first place.
  13. Beta and release schedules were announced Destiny 2 BETA July 18: PlayStation 4 Pre-Order BETA July 19: Xbox One Pre-Order BETA July 21: Open BETA for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One July 23: Console BETA End-date Late August: PC BETA Destiny 2 LAUNCH September 6: PS4 and Xbox One October 24: PC So.....have to wait til October
  14. look at something like the G752 from ASUS
  15. omg...too much...too much!
  16. Or you could just do this
  17. 17" Thanks for the feedback Cel/Maelfus. Probably going to get one in June or July.
  18. Nice bonus from ASUS is the included accidental damage protection you get out of the box. 15 or 17" MSI support response tends to be better than ASUS, and ASUS is pretty cheap when it comes to compensating service techs.
  19. No real big new tech coming in the near future other than Optane caching and/or if Intel decides to kick things up a notch to fight Ryzen. I've had good luck with recommending MSI gaming laptops but I have purchased and probably will continue to purchase some Asus ROG parts for my desktop, so it's comparable. Blu-ray is only a necessity if you're using it for watching movies I guess? There are externals for like $70 if that's easier.
  20. Thought that was interesting, but makes sense. Blizzard's said D2's gonna be the only non-blizz game on the platform.
  21. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that. It makes total sense, but it seemed so surreal for some reason.
  22. I just find it kinda hilarious that it's gonna be part of the Blizzard launcher thing. Was not expecting that.
  23. Same.
  24. This.
  25. Some awesome new clan features coming in destiny 2. Really looking forward to this.
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