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  2. Fitten = Gromm??? Been so long I just dont remember... Sorry for bumpin an old post
  3. I wonder if I should go back to playing. The question is, is anybody still playing this?
  4. I am also wondering if I should start streaming. What game is popular in your opinion?
  5. I found great article about skills in EfT
  6. please vote i am very undicisive
  7. aka.. Playerunknown Battlegrounds. If anyone else is playing hmu i'm looking for more people to play with!
  8. The Escape from Tarkov site has been updated with a new developer blog to give players insight into the skill system that the game will bring to bear. Players will have five main skill categories, each packed with sub-skills, to keep track of and improve. Failure to do so will result in a character "forgetting", or losing levels, in any given skill. View the full article
  9. I really feel like they should have locked the forums and kept them as memories - there's a lot of lost history from Everquest and various games now. Does anyone know where Emil is these days?
  10. The Elder Scrolls Online has been given the MMORPG award for Best MMORPG of 2015 and rightfully so. ESO strives where other games are beginning to fall behind, keeping the game alive and feeling new. Its content release schedule is probably one of the best I've seen from any company. Its primary focus is building the game the people want, which isn't very common. View the full article
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