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  2. A lot of great points. I agree non shooting assembles should fight, which makes NBA 2K21 far more balanced. In terms of screens, I really made a post similar to this one if you're searching for another guide, on the way to effectively browse them. Thank you for the answer! I only need a basketball game. I can not stand playing rec bc the passing in NBA 2K21 is awful. The passing lanes would be to easy to sit down in and every pass is extremely slow. For spamming slip on moves, along with that players ought to be penalized. There should be off something or balance instead of just having the ability to steal. I am just sick of playing NBA 2K21 because it continuously frustrates me, as its super basketball is played. Two things I wished to say. To begin with, I saw you use silver and Burke, if a change was lately got by 38, but do you have some idea? Or have some buddies using 38 who detected that a change? I know that it's essentially a myth that 2K"patches" jumpers, but I swear my cue changed today. So that could be what was altered as well I utilize Rudy Gay release. Today I was fighting and started shooting in the motion and greened. The cue went as it was in the back of the mind from the ball got to the top of my head nearly. You seem to be an expert thought I'd ask. If you want to know more,you can visite
  3. Should I get over 7 answers I will be doing more than 1 round, so feel free to reach out if you will be on for a while! ?? Comment in match title for dodo. Comments/dodos with ac names will take priority over those that don't?? Plz don't complain to me abt traffic / there are other individuals flying in so that you will likely get disturbance. There is nothing I can do abt it- if ppl have windows open I'll ask them to close them but that's really all I could do?? It would b rly cute if u can leave something on my bulletin board:3?? Going to open up my island to a people, decluttering my storage and I have quite a few diys which I'd like to give away because it's just making my shore look too messy! Do not want anything in return, bits of clothing, items, wallpaper, flooring! Dm me for a dodo code, just taking 1 at one time! Come see what I've got, take what you would like! :-RRB-)) If you want to know more about AC, you can visit
  4. There'll be four portals, each portal constructed to teleport different level thieves (players) for example: if you're at level 50 thieving, you would enter the second portal which is built for moderate level thieves. And if you're at level 90 thieving, you would enter the fourth portal. These portals would seem like regular house portals, except they'd be a bit bigger, and they're pitch black. So you might wonder"where do these items come from?" Well, on the opposite side of the principal building, there'll be a giant chest that functions as an way for any player in the sport to deposit any item or a number of items they wish to contribute to the match. Now you might be wondering"Well how does it work?" Here is how it works. As an example: let's say a wealthy player deposited a dragon chain body into this chest. After he deposits it, it'll be tele flashed into a random players inventory. BUT because a dragon Chain boy is an object of fantastic value, it is going to be tele ported to a random layers stock, but this participant must be in the next to maximum level thieving area so it's more difficult to steal this thing from him. If you want to know more about RS, you can visit
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  6. Hey Jimcy, Theres still a bunch of people around but you may want to check the discord link on the front page of the site. The forums arent too active these days, but it's always nice when it happens to catch on old friend.
  7. hey folks. Its been for friggin ever since ive posted or even stopped by. Its been a hectic last few years for me. I gave in and bought a laptop a couple weeks ago and been taking time to dabble around here and there. Im mostly just messing around with Eve and getting my main acct there back to training. I havent even undocked him yet in 3 weeks lol. I also been messing around with WoW again for the first time since Cata xpac. My DK is L60 and im just screwing around doing dailies and quest lines. ive done i think 3 dungeons so far in Shadowlands. Whats everyone up to these days? My response time might be sporadic at best but ill try to pop in once in a while. Some of you may still have my cell #, feel free to drop a text if you want.
  8. Whoa kainzo! How have you been? what MMos are people playing still? Just got a gaming g PC again after 10+ years. Thought about going back and checking out WoW or EQ again lol -Lazerik <Brotherhood of the Spider> EQ Paladin -Sychotik WoW Hunter
  9. Fitten = Gromm??? Been so long I just dont remember... Sorry for bumpin an old post
  10. I wonder if I should go back to playing. The question is, is anybody still playing this?
  11. I am also wondering if I should start streaming. What game is popular in your opinion?
  12. please vote i am very undicisive
  13. aka.. Playerunknown Battlegrounds. If anyone else is playing hmu i'm looking for more people to play with!
  14. I really feel like they should have locked the forums and kept them as memories - there's a lot of lost history from Everquest and various games now. Does anyone know where Emil is these days?
  15. The Elder Scrolls Online has been given the MMORPG award for Best MMORPG of 2015 and rightfully so. ESO strives where other games are beginning to fall behind, keeping the game alive and feeling new. Its content release schedule is probably one of the best I've seen from any company. Its primary focus is building the game the people want, which isn't very common. View the full article
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