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  2. regardless of how I do as Red Mage...I'm out...gotcha...
  3. Whos left without and have to pug or form own group?
  4. Last week
  5. In light of the shit show that was this weeks raids and in the best interest of getting some shit done, we're going in with the current 8 strongest players with the buffs, debuffs and utility we need. I've spoken at length with multiple people on the best way to approach this. I apologize if peoples feelings get hurt or people are disappointed, it's nothing personal, I like you all. After progression there are some of us willing to go back and attempt to re-clear for others, and some that are not. That's their personal decision, it is what it is. Currently a lot of people's DPS is too low to be carried as a 4 man on anything past V1, but there's no reason we can't go in and learn the fight while people work on gear and rotations. If people are willing, we may be able to rotate 1 or 2 people in at a time to get pages without a chest. That being said I believe our best shot at clearing Ov3S and beyond is: Tanks: Lat(Pld) and Myself(War/Drk) DPS: Ufa(Sam), Grizz(Bard), Rhuka(Nin) and Fakes(Rdm) Heals: Alia(Ast) and Poon(Whm) Again I apologize to those not in this weeks "main" group. The raid sizes in the game are what they are and by nature you need to do X amount of damage or nothing dies. This is the temporary solution I've come up with until we can either recruit more for a second group, or people improve their dps and can rotate in. The rest of you are free to form a group, pug, wait for 1 chest clears, do whatever you want obviously. We recruited Shayvana for the RDM slot, but hes currently not 70 nor do we know where he's at DPS wise. He'll most likely be in that slot the following week as that's what he was recruited for. Depending on availability Fakes may slide into the heal slot, but for sure we need someone who can consistently make all 3 nights for the second healer slot.
  6. yep, been playing the last couple days
  7. Console open beta is out until the 23rd
  8. Baelix come raid with us. We have cookies.
  9. I miss your voice Bae
  10. They live. I think Metal needs heals. I heard there was a white mage not playing mmo's that might be available.
  11. luckaly final fantasy has pheonix downs
  12. Wtf is this list - Grizz, Fuhma, Nav, Mali, Nano, I heard all of these people were dead
  13. Earlier
  14. This tier is easy anyway so it should be fine.
  15. Pfft, Grizz probably going to die more than me
  16. Group 1 - Grizz, Fuhma, Nav, Mali, Nano, Poon, and Fakes if he can make it. Group 2 - Myself, Lat, Ufa and Alia We can fight over you gets to resurrect Ore if he wants in/is geared for it. I think this is the best possible split leaving some experienced FF14 raiders in both groups, with the second group having more experience, but also having to pug half the group. This way everyone gets to raid on the classes they want to raid on, no one has to sit etc. I'm working on recruiting more people to get 2 FULL groups going and raiding at the same time. With 16-18 people we'll be able to mix and match and create 2 cohesive groups that work well together with minimal sitting, if any at all. If anyone has anything to add, or any ideas, or think the groups could be split more effectively post it here. -Metal
  17. You can apply to the guild in the looking for guild menu. Just search for our guild name and apply. At some point, one of us will get you in. Worse case, you can add me. My toons name is Anti Clergy.
  18. I am not really sure how to find Drow members that are online so I have not been able to contact any of you yet. Can you list your character names so that I can search for you? Or is there a way to search by guild name? I have not seen that feature in the search window.
  19. Yeah, we can manage that next time one of us is online.
  20. So I am taking a (possibly permanent) break from wow and am starting to play FF online. I started a character on the server/realm/whatever that Drow is on. Can I get a guild invite? Wungles Bungles is the toon name. I created him last night and then Square/Enix decided to shut down the servers for maintenance a few minutes after I logged in so I am still level 1.
  21. Drow wasn't Drow until Ufa came along.
  22. After TSW and AoC, I'm not touching anything Funcom does unless theres exceptional reviews. This was yet another abortion.
  23. For those of you unaware, Drow as a gaming organization has been around since 1996. During that time, we've sponsored teams in a wide variety of games. People have come and gone, some of us have been here a very long time (11 years in September for myself, a few of our casual members longer than that). Some of us were around for the content I will be posting over the next year or so, some were still in elementary school. I think all of us can appreciate where we've come from, and look ahead to where we might be in another 20 years. So with that said, let's kick off the inaugural episode of 20 Years of Drow: A History in Screenshots! All of the following screenshots are 10 years old as of this post, so from June and early July of 2007. In future episodes, I may not stick exactly to the 10 year mark as I have some older screenshots I haven't had a chance to watermark yet, but all screenshots posted will be at least 10 years old at time of posting. First we have the Vanguard team, starved for raid content, attacking a nearly invulnerable world mob and killing it. Then the WoW team, defeating Lady Vashj in Serpentshrine Cavern on the 2nd pull of the night. The WoW team, killing Kael'Thas in The Eye and unlocking the Hyjal zone. The WoW team, killing Rage Winterchill the very same night as they killed Kael'Thas and unlocked the zone! That's it for our first episode, check back soon (later this month) for Episode 2!
  24. With a new raid zone release comes new fun and new challenges. We've had some long time members who have decided that their enjoyment with the game has come to an end, at least temporarily. We've also added several new members who are dedicated and excited to push mythic progression with us. With that, here's our first boss kill in Mythic Tomb of Sargeras, Goroth. We are recruiting, see WoWProgress or the Join Drow link above.
  25. @Ufalicious I'm using the one Maelfus linked. I set it up the other day. It seems to work well enough. And, I will totally do the 32 bit one.
  26. Yea not a fan of that one. This is a recent rainbow mage build that he did. Its the 64 bit so yea i dont expect people to be using a 32 bit system except AC might Follow along with this video
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