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  4. Sent a request @Maelfus if people are still planning on playing for the PC release.
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  6. Based on my prelim testing, this is the patch to get involved with this game if you have not already. They have finally justified the cost associated with getting "early access". That said, there's a lot of work that still needs to be done between now and live. But the outlook from my point of view is 8/10. Will post updates as I continue.
  7. The biggest patch in the game thus far has been released to early testers (Evocati). This includes planetary landing, updated patching, and quite a few other features. I'll compile notes during my playtime and update you guys as soon as NDA is lifted. Will also give insight as to whether or not 3.0 actually is the patch they said it would be, and whether or not this is the time to get into the game (if you haven't already). Cheers.
  8. Just saw my name tagged on this. SC has had no movement this year. We're expecting 3.0 alpha this month, will update if/when there's any movement.
  9. In my opinion, DRK doesn't reach its full potential until 70. As far as fun goes. Again, this is my opinion.
  10. Getting used to it. Tried lancer, not sure. Trying dark knight now.
  11. Have you gotten a story potion thing? I saw you got the lvl potion for Black Mage. If you got the story potion thing all you have to do is start the Stormblood story and level to 70. Then you do instances and stuff to gear up for raids. That's the short of it. If you have any other questions just ask.
  12. Two ways. First, you can hop on mumble and yell at someone for a ginvite. Or in-game you can keep an eye out for Anti Clergy, Mister Kater/Missus Kater, or Mael'a Pathi and bitch at them for invites.
  13. hey bros how do I get into this. I'm on the server, Thil Ani. Total noob. Halp
  14. I only have it on PC. I just linked multiple accounts to the Bungie thing. Still need to add PSN to it haha
  15. you bought it on the wrong console @Tilestiv
  16. Yup, good timekiller until the PC version is out
  17. Anyone else cave in and buy it on both console and pc to not wait 1.5 months?
  18. Game looks solid. Its a shame I have to wait another month+ for the PC version.
  19. got the game, clan request sent. Fun times going pew pew?
  20. Hello Maelfus! Sending my requests. Im glad to see that I am not the only person hyped.
  21. oh.. Junit...
  22. For star citizen, you'll need to track down @Baelix. He's been the furthest into that end of things and I'm not sure what his plans are there. If you look earlier in the thread, there is a link to the clan for D2 and you can join via that. Once I can get feedback from some other WS peoples, I can approve the request.
  23. Hey guys. I would like to join the team for D2 and StarCitizen if you are adding members.
  24. Raid opens 1 week after launch.
  25. PC game doesn't require PSN. That's bullshit though.
  26. May not be playing Destiny 2. Apparently my apartment complex is blocking access to PSN. Because reasons.
  27. Some notes about clan association: You can be in different clans per platform. If you want to play with us on PC, you'll need to attach your bnet account to your bungie id and join from that, EVEN IF YOU ARE ALREADY IN ON PSN. We'll be primarily organized around PC unless a significant chunk of people still intend on playing on PS4. I think that's all.
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