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  2. I found great article about skills in EfT
  3. Yo @Kaizer why aren't you in our discord? How are you supposed to m'lady Reesi on the reg
  4. I have a 60 warrior and 46 rogue on Grobbulus-RPPVP. Horde side. So far the PVP has been fun. I am in a pretty large guild if anybody wants in. They clear MC/Ony weekly... generally 30-50 people on every night. I don't currently raid but I know some of the officers so could vouch for somebody.
  5. Where can I play this server?
  6. I'm on Atiesh alliance and I know Smack had a character on here too. I'm down to transfer somewhere if we actually make a guild to do stuff.
  7. Where did everyone end up?
  8. In theory I'm on Whitemane, but I haven't had the patience for Queue-boss yet.
  9. I reserved a few but I'm not worried about names. Post what server/faction you're reserving and maybe we can get a clump of people there.
  10. Horde side best side.
  11. I'm gonna be fluffing around on Horde side Fairbanks cause why not. If I'm gonna play he game for ten levels might as well experience, the other side. o__o
  12. If you have an active WoW sub, you can create your character for classic right now. No actual playing of the game yet, but you can reserve up to 3 names.
  13. I owned the market for +15 agility enchants and crusader enchants. Also did the occasional +2 beastslaying, fiery, and icy chill. Can't wait to have some fun with this Not sure what everyone has planned. If I don't get my name - so be it. >.<
  14. Is the guild picking a server? Looks like they've listed the options. I wasn't with Drow for very long - maybe 8 months in Vanilla, but I'd be super happy to play with DocX or Phar again. I logged in on the stress test and chat is just filled with "I used to be ____ or This used to be _____". It gets annoying really quickly. But I suspect it'll pass after the first week or so.
  15. I don't know why I'm just now seeing this Whoops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. Was gonna ask you to level for me.
  17. Can you play it for me while I sit there and passively consume the experience AC
  18. Honestly, it's the best xpack to date. It is better than wow too. Not just saying that but the story and gameplay are top notch. I think it is getting like a 9.5 on most ratings.
  19. How are people enjoying this xpac compared to the last one? This is my first FF14xpac to play through. So far the has been great!
  20. Thanks!
  21. Take into account everything thats posted is subject to change yada yada yada
  22. The media emargo lifted today. Lots of information popping up. This'll give you a quick overview, some Youtubers have more detailed breakdowns.
  23. Anyone even check forums anymore? lol. Is there a good website for a summary on the xpac? Thanks! <3<3<3
  24. I plan to participate, but likely not in any raiding capacity (or, at least not any serious raiding capacity..)
  25. Nacho Daddy!
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