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  2. I just got off shift and going to sleep, but I am going to work on the post before I go into work Monday will happen!
  3. You try synching up schedules from West Coast USA to someone working night shift in Germany. Nah but we'll probably have something up here on Monday so...
  4. Last week
  5. Can we add Dr. Wong as second tier ticket wanter.
  6. Welcome to the club brother. Congratulations to Tile!
  7. Nah just dueling schedules and me falling asleep at 6 PM last night.
  8. Probably for the best. I would kick your ass.
  9. This is the Drow history part 3 all over again I can't take another saga.
  10. Details still coming. Cel and I have not had a chance to chat about it yet. Hopefully soon!
  11. on medicine, would kinda make it cheeting
  12. This guild will be shaken to the core! i really Core about you all! lets pop a CORK in celebration. is this a Cordial event?
  13. Overwatch, Rainbow 6 Seige, WoW, Sea of Thieves, Monster Hunter, Farcry 5, and lots of others
  14. Real talk for a second: If anyone legitimately wants to join Drow Core, the primary way would be to get involved with team leadership and/or the overall organization leadership. Volunteer to be officers on teams, help with officer tasks, or get involved with planning and logistics for organization events like meetups. Core members are typically those who current core members see as someone who wants a hand in helping to lead teams and the organization itself in the future. If that's something you're interested in, talk to us about it and see how you can get involved. It's not meant to be a club of exclusion. Anyway, grants again to Tile.
  15. To be fair, it's hard for everyone to be as awesome as I am.
  16. Don't worry Reesi, I've been waiting for like 10 years or so now to join the cool kids club.
  17. I disagree. You're the coolest. And, grats Tile!!
  18. ALAS I am still not cool enough Grats Tile :>
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