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  4. Much thanks AC. I'm probably going to follow your suggestion. After a little more research on it. Thanks again! Much Love, Tile
  5. That is what I own. I got the added lumbar and the headrest. Now, I am sure most will look at the price and say that I'm high. While this might be true, I think that you need to look at the big picture. There is a 12-year warranty on that chair for any dam thing that might happen. Zero cost to fix it. No shipping, no handling, nothing. So, if you look at it like that, it will cost you about $100 dollars per year. And, if you are used to buying a cheap-ass chair from Staples or something that you need to replace ever 2 years, then you can further see the value. And finally, while gaming chairs are quite edgy, they are not ergonomic and will not help your back pain. I am sorry brother. You need an ergonomic chair. Trust me, I have insane pain and will probably need surgery at some point. As a side note, that is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in. And, I have owned many high-end chairs.
  6. Ok, so after my back has been jacked up this last week. I'm finally willing to get a good gaming chair. Any recommendations? I want the best for long sitting haha.
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  8. Anyone still tinkering on here? I nabbed a ship with a lifetime sub on it a while back. Interested to check out 3.0. If anyone wants to try and do some stuff together one hour let me know!
  9. I think I may go blind at all that "bling"
  10. Hot damn. Nice rig. It's very shiny.
  11. too much razer
  12. Very nerdy. I approve.
  13. Got it mounted on the wall. Triple screen. Yayaya
  14. Before I got my fan hub in, middle fan not on So many lights Been running with the new cable. Love it. Been messing with oc, got the cpu up to 4.7ghz at 1.225v stable. Gtx 1080 added 100 core and 400 mem so far, been good. Temps stay cool too, under 65c full load on prime for over an hour. The 1080 with kombuster stays under 45c. I'm happy now, but I may play a little more later on.
  15. Looks quite good man.
  16. I've had it up and running now for a day. Fought with boot issues because of the shitty pcie riser cable thermaltake supplies with the case. Have one ordered, but for now running on onboard graphics.
  17. Should I get an Alienware or ASUS ROG? or
  18. Just waiting on my cpu block to complete my cooling loop
  19. Don't mind me, just taking apart a brand new graphics card.
  20. Sounds sexy.
  21. So yeah it's been a while coming. Last total upgrade I did was around 5 years ago. Upgraded my gfx card to a 970 a few years ago and some newer ram. i7 8700k grizzly kryonaut paste rog strix z370 E gskill trident z rgb 32gb ddr4 3kmhz samsung 250gb m.2 ssd rog strix 1080 phanteks water block TT p5 open case TT rgb 850w gold TT black/grey sleeves petg tubing enermax 300ml tank/pump combo TT rgb cpu block 360 radiator 3 coolermaster masterfan rgb fans clear coolant misc fittings led strips stay tuned for the build, parts are already starting to come in.
  22. It's been a while but I used to be core back in the days when docx and mistabone were still running things.. Back in the Quake1 and EQ1/2 days.. Missed you all and noticed the website went down and noticed you all remade a new site thats awesome glad to see that how is everyone doing.. Cel I believe you had just joined when I was on my way out I believe we maybe met in WoW cant remember honestly But anyhow Hello, and hope things are still going well.. do you still have contact with mista or doc?
  23. @Grizz
  24. LMFAO
  25. Man, Aussieland has some weird goddamn number convenions. ms means "megaseconds" down there, right? And I know Mbps has gotta mean "millibit per second"
  26. Little bit higher
  27. 2.01 mb?
  28. What, you've upgraded to 3 mb?
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