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  2. Anyone even check forums anymore? lol. Is there a good website for a summary on the xpac? Thanks! <3<3<3
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  4. I plan to participate, but likely not in any raiding capacity (or, at least not any serious raiding capacity..)
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  6. Nacho Daddy!
  7. Food porn to start soon!
  8. I just remember owning the market on Crusader enchants as for classic....oh god, the pain
  9. Moordecai, I personally am all for classic as it would rekindle some of those old memories of mine. I would imagine there will be some form of Drow in classic as I know I'll be playing it. Can't wait to see how much money I can make monetizing the AH with my old farming routes and ways of making money back when I was a wee lad.
  10. Cel, Been a long time because I haven't gamed serious enough to raid in a long time ... But WoW Classic might change that! Are y'all going to be having a Classic server branch of the WoW team? Cheers, Moordecai
  11. Looks like that is where my characters ended up as well.
  12. I will have to check it out. Not sure exactly where they stuck my characters after server mergers. It looked like I might have a free level up to 65 though however that works.
  13. We have a guild on Satele Shan, not really active though. I log on every once in a while to check out new content, but it's desperately in need of an Xpack
  14. Anyone still hanging around any of the servers of SWTOR? I just put it back on the computer and started looking around. Storm
  15. You could always hop in discord @Kaizer
  16. Kaizer, we are doing Drow Vegas 4.0 from 3-7 April !!!!!!
  17. Hey I'm still living in Sweden, but if you guys do drow vegas I'd like to go. I lurk around here every once in a while
  18. Kaizers where tf you been??
  19. back off she's still m'lady
  20. Congratulations Ri and well-deserved. Welcome to Core!
  21. You turds will never be rid of me!
  22. Welcome, Reesi! Reesi has had a long history with the organization stretching back as far as our days in Icecrown Citadel in World of Warcraft. Her many long years have earned her the respect of many in the organization. She currently leads our WoW team and its efforts to rebuild its Mythic raiding roster. Congratulations!
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